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Ease your Divorce Process with the Best Family Lawyers

What to look for in a Family Lawyer before hiring him/her?

Filing for a divorce is a stressful and emotional procedure. For this, you will need a competent family lawyer by your side to ease this fatiguing process. But, before you hire a family lawyer, you have to consider a few things to make the best choice. After thorough research, The Law Advisory has collected vital information for you to ease the hiring process of a competent family lawyer for a divorce.

You won’t know many lawyers, so ask for help and recommendations. Make a list of a few names that you think are potential candidates whom you can trust with your case. Don’t stay limited to suggestions only; search online as well, and read customer testimonials. It will give you a clear idea if a particular lawyer is good enough for you or not. Once you’ve made your list, then go for consultations. Some lawyers may provide you with a free consultation, but some would charge an additional fee.

What to ask during a consultation with a family lawyer?

At this time, you have to be patient and clear all your queries. If you have never gone for a consultation with a lawyer before, worry not, because we have listed some important questions that you must ask on your first visit.

Your priority question should be if the lawyer has a specialization for these types of cases. If one holds a family law specialist certification, and how many trials have they handled before? Answers to these questions would give you an overview of a lawyer’s qualifications and expertise. It would make your choice easier.

Ask your attorney what do they think about your case and how long will it take to get solved? A reliable lawyer will always analyze your case first and will give you an overview of the amount of time your case will take to get solved. Also, clear out if any other lawyer would be working on your case from the firm, and if someone would, then ask if you can meet them.

Considering Cost of a Family Lawyer

The cost of a family lawyer may depend on an attorney to attorney. However, don’t forget to ask questions about the charges when you go for your first consultation. Ask your family legal practitioner about how they charge and what their retainer fee is. The payment of a legal attorney is usually on an hourly basis. Also, ask them if another attorney or paralegal is working on your case, what would be their charges. Take an estimated amount that will cost for your divorce case, including other fees like forensic accountants, physicians, psychologists, etc.

However, if a lawyer resists answering this question, don’t worry, because each case has different complexities and levels of conflicts that may determine the charges. But, the kind of answer that you will get would give you a fair idea if you must take the deal or not. If you wish to lower your costs, ask the lawyer about things that you can do yourself to cut down the costs. If you receive vague answers regarding the costs, or the lawyer quotes you exceptionally below the market value, then be cautious! Because they are only trying to get your case for the money.

See if you are comfortable with the lawyer

Being comfortable with your lawyer is the most important thing. When you check the testimonials of previous clients or if someone recommended a particular lawyer, ask them how well they were able to communicate with the legal practitioner. In most cases, an unhappy client has one main concern, and that is poor communication with the lawyer.

Make sure that your lawyer is available to you and gives a prompt response to your calls and emails. A lawyer must also not hesitate to meet you upon your request. Good communication is not just a point of concern, but also see if you are satisfied with your attorney. Are you comfortable opening up to them? During a divorce, there is much inside information that your lawyer would require from you to assess your case thoroughly. This is why you need to trust them. If you have any doubts regarding their ability to fight your litigation or any other concern, then going for another lawyer would be a better idea.


If you were married for a long time and have custody related issues as well, then consult a lawyer who has experience in both fields. Moreover, don’t hurry to get settled with a lawyer as soon as possible. Look out for possible options and hire a lawyer that you think is genuinely concerned and willing to take up your case. Make the right choice, no matter how much time it takes.