Dog Clothes for the College or Sports Fan

Some sports fans will do anything to promote their team or school, including dressing the family dog ​​in clothes adorned with symbols and logos. And why not? Scan the crowd on a large bowling alley and you can see the older kids with face paint covered in school colors surrounded by insane fans wearing all kinds of sportswear to show support for their team or school. To be sure, many of these fans are also dog lovers.

NFL Dog Clothes

Each team in the National Football League has its team logo. You can find them on everything from sweaters and T-shirts to bandanas, belts and collars. You can gather your entire collection and be ready for the entire season, right up until the playoffs.

MLB dog clothes

Baseball fans are just as devoted to their team as football fans. Major League Baseball (MLB) teams also have logos that have been transferred to all types of merchandise, including dog clothing visit Glammah Pooch. In addition to jerseys, t-shirts and bandanas, baseball fans can often find team baseball caps for their dogs.

College team

Many dog ​​owners are also academics or members of their families. Dressing your family pet in college colors shows your loyalty to your alma mater. But college-themed dogwear does not have to be limited to just colors. T-shirts, sweaters, leashes and collars are the basic varsity equipment for well-dressed dog alumni. Expand your wardrobe by adding some sweatshirts. For athletic women, you can look for college cheerleading equipment for your dog.


Always consider the comfort and safety of your dog before buying dog clothes for college or sports teams. Proper fit is extremely important for your dog’s safety, comfort and well-being. Clothes that are too tight and tied can be uncomfortable. They can restrict breathing and cause the dog to overheat. Heart clothing that is too loose can come off or cause the dog to herd, fall and possibly injure itself.

Not all dogs like to wear dog clothes. If your dog is not used to wearing clothes, start with a cheap coat and take some time to let your dog adapt to wearing it. Try it and remove it immediately if the dog gets angry. If the dog tolerates clothing, leave it for a few minutes and then remove it. Repeat the process several times a week until the dog is well with dog clothes. Then it’s time to get out of your sports or college clothes and have fun.

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