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Dental Technology Continues to Evolve

As the digital revolution continues almost every aspect of our lives is experiencing changes. And the world of dentistry is keeping up. There are new technologies coming on board all the time that is making things easier for dentists to give you the perfect smile you are looking for. New tech, like 3D printing, laser tools, and digital imaging is combining to simplify and perfect dental care in the 20’s. Here is a look at some of the advancements.

3D Printing:

Three-dimensional printing seems to be everywhere these days, and one place where it is making a big difference in your dental office. A brief internet search will help you if you are looking for a dentist in Rose Bay. Specially equipped dental offices have access to 3D printing and can print several dental materials, including tooth replacements, aligners, crowns, and veneers. All these things can be custom-made to the individual needs of the client.

This not only saves money but improves the quality and fit of these materials, which then creates faster results and a more satisfying experience. But perhaps the biggest benefit is the time that is saved, with same-day results becoming possible in some situations.

Laser Tools:

Lasers continue to be more and more useful. They have now become part of dentistry, making things easier and less invasive too. Lasers are being used for: whitening, cleaning tooth decay, reshaping and healing issues with gums, and they also destroy bacterial infections. Laser tools are less painful and much more sterile than traditional methods. They also cause less damage, making the whole experience much more enjoyable for everyone. Laser dentistry can also promote tissue regeneration, according to the services provided at

Digital Imaging:

Closely related to 3D printing are digital imaging and the digital modelling of teeth. It used to be that a dentist would have to make a mould of your teeth, and then those moulds would have to be stored somewhere. If those moulds were lost or damaged the process would have to be repeated. But with digital technology, the impression of your teeth is saved in a digital format, able to be duplicated and forwarded with the ease of a text message. This also results in better accuracy and the opportunity for computer-assisted diagnostics for dental reconstruction.

Patient Tracking:

No, not the kind of tracking that follows you wherever you go. Digital systems for patient care have continued to improve their efficiency to organize dental maintenance. The software can manage care schedules and update the patient about when to return for follow-up appointments. With the advent of AI, the software will be able to predict the optimal timing of treatments and suggest what actions should be taken and when.

It should be no surprise to us that dentistry has kept up to date with advancing technology. But we should all be quite pleased that steps are continuing to make our trip to the dentist more efficient and more pleasant as well. We have come a long way from the days of barbershop dentistry, and the future looks bright for continued improvement to the whole experience.