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Buy Eliquis from a Genuine Canadian Pharmacy

E-commerce has made substantial progress in the era of the internet. When things can be ordered online and received on the doorstep, why someone would like to visit a store for their needs? In this context, the concept of online pharmacy evolved in the late 1990s when the first online pharmacy was started in the United States.

The idea was later accepted in a few other countries in the western region of the globe. Today, there are thousands of websites selling drugs online, both prescription and non-prescription, to their worldwide customers.

Online pharmacies in Canada

It is also referred to as an internet pharmacy or mail-order pharmacy because it operates on an internet platform and delivers orders to customers through the mail or a web portal. Online pharmacies include both legitimate and illegal businesses. Their home country licenses legitimate pharmacies.

However, dealing with unlawful and unethical pharmacies poses a high risk of fraud. It sometimes happens that a pharmacy claims its presence in a specific country, like Canada, but false medications originating in several other countries are sold in a pharmacy. You cannot confirm its actual origin.

Buying drugs from Canadian online pharmacies

Most US customers get cheated by placing drug orders at fake Canadian pharmacies, but it is too hard to smell the crooked intention of an online pharmacy. If you intend to place Canadian drugs online, a genuine pharmacy with a Canadian flag will not sell a prescription drug at a deeply discounted price and not even without a valid prescription.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already issued a warning in this context. Buying drugs from a fake pharmacy claiming to be Canadian, operated by criminals to make profits, can put your health at high risk.

Fake pharmacies claiming to be of Canadian origin

Beware of rogue online pharmacies! Read the following cautions to remain safe:

  • A genuine online pharmacy won’t sell prescription medicine without a valid prescription from a registered medical practitioner.
  • A genuine online pharmacy has a licensed pharmacist to answer your queries. 
  • Approved medications are not sold at meager prices.
  • Do not purchase based on unsolicited or spam emails.

Buying the genuine Canadian pharmacy

If you take caution, you can purchase many FDA-approved prescription drugs from a legitimate online Canadian pharmacy. A particular medicine can be a little cheaper on this website, but not deeply discounted. It is better to check the genuineness of the drugs selling platform first.

Among others, Apixaban, sold under the trade name Eliquis, is an anticoagulant compound, and the best alternative to warfarin. There is not any other much cheaper option for Eliquis, and that’s why this medication is most prescribed and used.

Buying Eliquis from a genuine online Canadian pharmacy

Buying Eliquis from Canada through online Canadian pharmacies is the best option because it costs less than buying from an American pharmacy, provided you assure its genuineness first. Most Medicare and insurance plans cover Eliquis. Many other drugs are cheaper in Canada because the Canadian government regulates the prices of both generic and brand-name medications. Buying Eliquis from Canada through a genuine online pharmacy is always safe and economical