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Benefits Of Undergoing Professional Teeth Whitening Procedures

Benefits Of Undergoing Professional Teeth Whitening Procedures

With persistent demand for cosmetic dentistry procedures, there has been continual advancements in professional teeth whitening procedures. Well, even if you have healthy teeth, discoloration and staining could make your smile appear less attractive. You can easily boost your confidence by undergoing dental whitening treatment options.

1. Quick And Optimal Teeth Whitening Results

Professional teeth whitening procedure has its own distinct benefits. You will feel more relaxed and confident when you entrust the teeth whitening procedure in the hands of expert professionals who know their job. Although higher percentage of whitening agents could give faster results, the higher concentration could also cause greater sensitivity of the teeth. Your teeth could show change of color within a one-hour visit. If you wish to get optimal whiteness, your dentist may recommend two to six visits to help restore your attractive smile.

2. More Controlled And Successful Application

A professional dentist will determine the percentage of whitening agent on the basis of your teeth sensitivity, any exposed root surface, the chosen delivery system, and the desired results. Over-the-counter whitening systems have a lower whitening agent concentration. Hence, it takes longer to show results and will require regular touch-up. However, in-office systems will provide a more controlled and successful application.

3. Guaranteed Whiter Teeth

Professional teeth whitening Kit has now become an increasingly popular choice for anyone with stained teeth. Although, you could easily purchase over the counter remedies if you want guaranteed whiter teeth, professional teeth whitening is your best bet. A professional will clean and remove all surface stains and deposits that could restrict the whitening agent from coming in direct contact with your tooth.

4. Reduced Chances Of Side Effects And Hypersensitivity

The two commonly experienced side effects of whitening treatment, are hypersensitivity of the teeth and soft tissue irritation. Sensitivity typically occurs due to higher hydrogen peroxide concentration or due to the highly acidic whitening agent pH. Irritation commonly occurs due to the whitening agent coming in direct contact with your gum tissue for prolonged period of time or due to an ill-fitted tray. Although these side effects are fairly mild and temporary, they usually take a couple of hours or even days to get resolved. With proper dental supervision, these side-effects can be closely monitored and sometimes even avoided completely.

Remember, you can easily get your teeth professionally whitened and get instantly whiter teeth. The key factors that have led to a steady rise of in-office whitening treatments, include effectiveness, affordability and ease of delivery.