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Delete Contacts From Whatsapp list – Easy and Fast

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delete contacts from whatsapp

One of the most used and widespread communication applications in the world is WhatsApp, if you are one of them you will have noticed that it synchronises your telephone contacts that have the application to their contact list. You may also have noticed that to send a message via WhatsApp you must first add the number to your contact list since it does not allow you to manually enter the destination phone number.

This restriction generates the creation of unnecessary contacts on your mobile and in the WhatsApp application. It is likely that you have written to know the details of an offer, an address or a dispatch. And these contacts do not use them again or do not want to keep them recorded e your mobile. So, how to delete contacts from WhatsApp? we will detail it below.

How can I add a contact to my WhatsApp list?

We will begin by reviewing the process to add a contact to your WhatsApp list. We will start with the iOS platform. User will have to enter our WhatsApp application, and select the new chat icon in the upper right corner. We will have to mark the new contact option, there we will enter the requested data such as name and telephone number. Once the registration complete we will save and a chat with this contact automatically created.

In Android we will access the WhatsApp application in the same way and choose the new message icon in the lower right corner. We select the new contact option, we enter the data such as name and phone number. Once the registration completed we save and the chat with the contact. When we want to add a contact from another country. The + sign must be placed before the country code and then the telephone number.

How can I solve problems with my contacts and WhatsApp?

Since we must save the number of the contact we want to contact through WhatsApp. Even when it is not a family member, friend or acquaintance. That over time if we do not delete them from our phone book. They are shown in the WhatsApp contacts list. Contacts may also appear in the list only with a phone number and without identification. That would make us think that it is the above, there are ways to verify whether or not they are known.

We will start by updating the WhatsApp contact list, it may be that the memory card where we have the contacts saved is slow and has not synchronized contacts with the WhatsApp application. If we add new contacts, they may not appear in the WhatsApp list until the contacts updated.

To update the list of WhatsApp contacts we will enter the application, select the option of new message or chat. In the options menu we select update, we will wait a little until the list is updated. All the contacts duly registered in the list.

How to delete contacts from WhatsApp list?

It may happen that in addition to having those contacts with which you are not going to communicate but only once saved in your agenda, you also find some that you do not want to contact or who contact you again, in this case it is not enough just to delete contacts you must also block the contact for SMS calls and messages in WhatsApp on the iPhone or Android. At other times we want to refine our contact list and know who has added you as a contact on WhatsApp.

You can delete contacts that no longer have you on their list, but if before doing so you want to make sure that they cannot contact you this way again without them noticing, before deleting them you must first block the WhatsApp contact without know it. To proceed to delete WhatsApp contacts, we will enter the application and open the chat with that contact (we can also access a new chat and select the contact we are looking for).

We will mark the name of the contact to see their personal information. Here you will have the option to block contact. We enter the options menu and select edit. The contact will appear in your agenda. We enter the options menu again and we mark delete. We will confirm that we want to delete contacts and done.

Delete blocked contacts on WhatsApp

  1. Not only can you block contacts, what’s more, you can delete them from your WhatsApp agenda. But to have a complete removal follow these steps:
  2. Start by opening the application, where you can search the list of your conversations.
  3. Then open the settings.
  4. For IOS devices, the gear icon is in the right corner of the app. Meanwhile, Android devices are in the upper right corner.
  5. Once you are inside the settings. At this point, select the “account” option.
  6. Then select privacy where you will find all your blocked contacts. So they eliminated from your agenda.
  7. Find the contact you want to completely remove from the app and start deleting it.
  8. After deleting the Blocked Contact, a pop-up alert will be displayed with the message to confirm the deletion. After confirming its deletion it will be successful.

Delete WhatsApp contacts that are not in your address book

Start by opening your WhatsApp and selecting the chat tab. In this way, search and select the contact you want to delete. Lastly, update your contact list to verify their removal.