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Step by step instructions to Cancel YouTube Red on Android/iOS/PC

how to cancel YouTube red?

For reasons most popular to you other than watching YouTube without ads, spare YouTube videos with low information, play YouTube video in your phone backgroud when you close the YouTube application and appreciate YouTube music with a lock screen, you may decide to cancel YouTube red, presently called YouTube premium. Read the article to know, how to cancel youtube red.

It cost a negligible $11.99 for a month to join the YouTube premium. With that charge a month, you will appreciate YouTube without limit and have outright command over YouTube ads, YouTube ambient melodies, and so forth.

Be that as it may, in the event that you figure it doesn’t justify. Despite any potential benefits to pay $11.99/mon all for the sake of playing YouTube music out of sight area of your phone or YouTube application when you can play YouTube music utilizing this stunt, download YouTube video on your gadget with the assistance of this guide, and even cripple YouTube ads with this guide.

how to cancel YouTube red?

Here in this guide, I will show you how to cancel YouTube red by visiting the YouTube premium committed page to cancel the YouTube premium account.

Best Way to Cancel YouTube Red (Premium)

At the point when you decide to cancel YouTube red you will be returned to a free YouTube services. You can join whenever when you need once more.

  1. Open your program and visit the YouTube premium service page and login with your Gmail login data.
  2. Click on the Manage button
  3. Tap on cancel subscription in the YouTube red (premium) area
  4. Click on Yes on the new popup to affirm you comprehend what you are doing.

When this is done you next subscription won’t be reestablished. Notwithstanding, your dynamic subscription will, in any case, be substantial until the finish of the following charging cycle.

Instructions to Cancel YouTube Premium on iOS

On the off chance that you buy YouTube premium. You need to physically cancel this subscription on your YouTube Android application.

In spite of the fact that this alternative has been murdered on iTunes. You can even now cancel this subscription at the base of the application store utilizing your Apple ID.

  • Go to the application store and snap on your profile picture at the upper right corner of your account home screen.
  • Click on your Apple ID login email
  • Verify your character by either entering your phone password or approve it with your unique finger impression
  • Click on subscription and tap on the YouTube premium tab on the page that follows.
  • Click on cancel subscription
  • Tap on affirm on the popup.

Your subscription will be cancelled in a flash yet will in any case be dynamic until the finish of the dynamic subscription.

Step by step instructions to Cancel YouTube Premium on Android

Android clients can likewise rapidly use the YouTube application to cancel their YouTube red participation subscription utilizing the YouTube application on Android.

  • Launch the YouTube application
  • Tap your profile photograph
  • Click on My YouTube Red.
  • Scroll down to “Deal with your participation.”
  • Tap Cancel participation.

Affirm the wiping out and your subscription will be cancelled. While you do this, your subscription will, in any case, stay dynamic until the finish of the present subscription. So you can at present appreciate YouTube without ads, play YouTube video on a phone with a lock screen, and download YouTube videos with low information.