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Broken link Building: What it is and how it works

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Broken link Building

Broken link building is one of those SEO practices on the border between White and Black. In fact, although it was born with benevolent purposes, it often evolves into other black hat practices that are not really neat and pints.

Precisely for this reason, we hear very little about it and, on the contrary. It is often overlooked when it comes to Link Building although it can have atrocious power. Let’s see together what it is, how it works and how to make a good Broken Link Building for your site or your customers!

What is broken link building

Broken link building is a technique that is based on finding “broken” links within sites. Broken links are links that send to resources that no longer exist or are poorly formulated.

Ideally, once a broken link has been found, it is communicated to those who deal with the site. Where the broken link is present in order to solve the problem and not allow your article to refer to a non-existent site or resource. Perhaps advising you to insert a link that refers to our site.

In this way we make quality Link building, finding industry sites that have problems that we solve by making our link.

Up to here, nothing cleaner.

How broken link building works

If you want to venture into broken link building, start with arming yourself with patience. You need to scan the site by site, URL by URL in order to find the links that actually broken. This requires a great deal of time. And is precisely for this reason that broken link building is not an easy and cheap technique anyway.

We say that yes, these sectors. It easier to find broken links and where they in quantity. But in general, you will have to take into account time and constancy in research. As well as, as already said, a lot of patience.

Broken link Building

To do broken link building I recommend you arm yourself with tools such as brokelinkchecker or deadlinkchecker. These two tools that you can easily find online and freely scan the site. That entered up to a limit of 3000 URL per domain.

Every single broken link will then be shown so that it can be reported below to the webmaster of the analyzed site.

Cleverly you could not only go to tell the site that the link is broken. But follow that link, check if the arrival domain has expired. Analyze it and in case buy it for: or do a dry redirect on the home. And earn the trust of the site recovered as well as all the links pointing to the latter’s home; or create a blog PBN to sell guest posts.

In both cases, we are talking about the Black world that you can learn more about online.

If, however, you are more honest. Just download a CSV of all the broken links and mark them at the site’s contact. Suggesting changes to your resources that will certainly be healthy. Putting you in a Win-Win situation.