Link building campaign, how to devise a valid strategy

Today, ranking a site is increasingly complex for various reasons. First of all, competition has increased exponentially, also with regard to SEO Local. And secondly, Google’s algorithms become more and more ‘expert’ and able to accurately identify well-designed and built sites than those poor in content. And Also, for the website that using poor link building campaign.

Therefore, the first step to succeeding in establishing a good web marketing strategy is to create an optimal site from the point of view of content, speed of loading and viewing on mobile devices.

It is necessary to avoid the mere copy-paste of content from competitor sites. And strive to produce original and useful texts for visitors to the site. At the same time, you need to optimize the site from an SEO perspective. By perfecting URLs, meta tags, keywords and so on.

Once this is done, you can plan a link building campaign, perhaps using guest posting. So, as to outperform the competition and position yourself on the search engine with the most interesting keywords in the reference sector. 

How to do? Here is a short step by step guide.

1. Analysis of competition

Checking the links obtained by competitors through their link building activities. That can give us an idea of ​​how strong and fierce the competition is from this point of view. Using various tools, free or paid. It is possible to study the metrics related to competitors’ sites (for example DR and UR from Ahrefs or DA and PA from Moz). Above all to check the number – even if approximate – of links obtained by each competitor.

It is good to analyze these links in detail, identifying among other things how many are nofollow and how many dofollow. What type of anchor text is used and the type of linking domains.

2. Site analysis

Obviously it is necessary to do the same analysis also with regard to the site to be promoted and positioned. It is necessary to check the current ranking, as well as the backlink profile acquired over time. It is advisable to avoid the massive use of exact anchor text, and to change the type of link as much as possible (nofollow / dofollow, text/image links, brand links/anchor text relating to products and services and so on).

3. Copy the links of the competition

A useful strategy to easily apply is to copy the links of competitor sites. After analyzing the competitor’s backlink profile. In fact, it is possible to contact the managers of the linking sites to check the possibility of obtaining a link or, if not feasible, at least a quotation.

4. Avoid low-value links

The profile of the incoming links, as we have seen. Links should be as heterogeneous as possible also from the point of view of the quality of the links. However, links of very little value should be avoided, for example from non-themed sites. Directories or sites of low trust score and of course spam sites.

In case of doubtful usefulness link, you can use the tool to disavow to Google. In order to ask the search engine not to take those links.

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