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Best practices to drive 300% more website traffic through videos.

Video is playing a huge part in content strategy. Grab the attention of consumers on your website with videos as variety is key. You need to find the right balance between written and visual content. Videos are changing the traditional marketing approach as every individual is looking for a transformation in the digital world. 

Almost all the people now find it interesting to watch videos and know about your brand instead of reading the whole descriptive content. They find it engaging as they are informative, short, and cut to the point. 

Now knowing all of these, you know how videos are important to drive traffic to your website, but you need ideas and best practice to keep it working for your business. Digital marketing agencies in Austin use these strategies to help you stand out from the rest of the business companies and drive traffic 300% more to your website.

Let’s take a look at tips to create an influencing way that helps you to transform your business in a very effective way.

Create eye-catching thumbnails

Have you ever noticed while clicking on the video? You click base on interesting thumbnails when browsing online. With so many videos on the internet available, your video is watched or ignored will be decided by thumbnail. Most people are attracted to the video by its titles and thumbnails. A great thumbnail makes your video stand out as it encourages viewers to hit that play button.

So always keep in mind by creating video thumbnails that include short and exciting images to make the audience stay and click on that video. You can also choose connecting viewers’ emotions by using close up faces and human interaction.

Add SEO friendly video

We never disagree that social media is the best platform to increase brand awareness and engage viewers. If your videos on social media are mobile-friendly, you can convert your website’s audience to customers. 

To make this possible, you provide a transcript for each video, create engaging files, and optimize metadata files with intent keywords and accurate description to appear on video on general searches. You can also submit it to a google search console, a video sitemap to increase the search and brand awareness. The agency that has the best SEO Services will create a video that is SEO optimized.

Videos with email marketing

Email marketing strategy is a great way to remind people that you exist and keep them updated by offering useful content with what your company is doing. It’s an effective way of incorporating videos in your marketing strategy, which will boost your leads and user engagement. By adding video in emails, you will notice a 19% increase in open rates and make sure that it is easy for your user. Include CTA that links properly to your website, and if your thumbnail links to your video, it has a play button on the image or a GIF.

Drawing every viewer’s attention and hooking them to watch the videos can be done effortlessly by adding content video. Ensure that every email provides attractive information that helps you grab visitors’ attention, and an Austin internet marketing agency will help you.

Create CTA that is clear

Everyone wants to convert viewers into leads, right? Of course. So for that, include a clear and engaging CTA in each video you create. If you miss this, your quality lead would not know where to follow the next step, and there’s a chance that you lose that lead. 

While adding CTA, make sure to add a link also that redirects users to your landing page. You can try to use youtube end screens to convert visitors into the lead.

Create mobile-friendly videos

Most of your business’s target audience are smartphone users who prefer watching videos on their mobile devices. They watch videos on their personalized device rather than watching on their computers. So use a responsive player whenever you publish a video like youtube. It will automatically adjust the quality and increase your viewer’s bandwidth. 

Also, most importantly, never ignore the platform you publish on. For example, if you want to put an Instagram video, it should not exceed 60 seconds, while on youtube, it can be 30 minutes to an hour-long. People catch the video that is short and informative.

Answer question of people by videos

Have you noticed in google by typing “how-to,” a bunch of videos pops up at SERP. Yes, Google is also taking note that people don’t want to read long, long descriptions. They want to learn quickly and easily with video in an engaging way. Share ideas, tips, and answers, valuable advice in the form of video on your social media, hosting platform, or your site. 

The chances of others to come on your content via search is high, and by offering valuable content in the form of video, they will want more on your website, and it’s a win-win situation. Create videos with the help of Austin digital marketing that educate viewers and drive more traffic to your site.

Host webinars

Hosting online events by conducting webinars, whiteboard sessions is a great way to offer value to your website and generate leads in less time. Suppose you have a strong marketing plan and SEO optimized pages, which is essential for business growth and add traffic to your sites and generate leads, repurposing content. In that case, the webinar plays a great role.

It allows you to build strong relations with the customers, and you can educate them about your service and products in an informative way. So engage the viewers with different videos at the right time that fits best to your sites.


You are now familiar with the best practice to use videos efficiently to drive traffic to your site. Don’t hesitate to spend your time in creating videos as we know it has a huge impact on a business if used properly in an optimized and attractive way.

If you want your videos to work and help viewers to understand the concept quickly, you should remember to provide the right content to the right audience in the right way. Got it? Great. You can also take digital marketing agencies in Austin to help you create videos and generate leads.