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5 Best Chat Apps For Android/iOS In 2023

For all Android and IOS users, now wonderful chatting applications are available that will help them to connect with their ones easily. Now there is no need for a person to feel like they need to write long emails to reach out to the people they love. Here in this article, we will be going to discuss the five best chat app for Android and iOS so that you can easily conclude which one is best according to your requirement and you can also go here for best stranger chat apps.

Five Best Chatting Apps Both For Android & iOS Users

#1. WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is one of the most common chat app people use these days. It will not only let them chat with people that allowed them to share media including images, videos, songs, and so on. If one is not in the mood of typing the message, then one can send a voice note as well. It is also a good platform to consider when one wants to send documents. Globally a person can use it, and they can connect with their ones easily.

#2. Facebook:

Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook a long back. Every day it comes up with multiple features and lets people connect easily. Before WhatsApp, Facebook was developed, and people connect through chat. Now they can use it as a video chat app as well. They need to understand the interface and engage in it. You will be able to connect with your ones, strangers, and other people globally. There is no need for a person to pay even a single penny whenever they are using Facebook.

#3. Instagram:

Instagram is a platform that is developed a few years back. On Instagram, people will be able to chat with others easily. There is no need for them to engage in very hard and fast rules or interfaces to understand it in detail. They need to add the person to their account and can start chatting with them. It allowed them to send images, links, recorded videos, boomerangs, voice notes, and so on. But one cannot expect to send a document over Instagram.

#4. Hike:

The hike is an application which is specially developed for all those who are living in India. It is quite interesting to see that Hike allows its users to get available with some advanced features during chatting. It is available with a sticker palette that will help you to convey your emotions to others easily. Moreover, if you wish to create the bitmoji, the option is also there. Additionally, during chatting, if you wish to hide a particular conversation, the option is also available. Until and unless you will not enter the security password or pin, no one will be able to get access over the charts you have secured.

#5. Hangouts:

About is a part of Gmail and the best application to consider whenever you wish to communicate with someone. Hangouts allow you to chat with others coma and also if you wish to engage in video call the same facility is available. There is no need for you to install another application for video chatting at all. Moreover, it is available with sticker’s emoticons coma and so on. Hence, if you wish to connect with them through all these things, then you can do it easily.


These are the best applications for iOS and Android for chatting or you can also consider them as the best video chat apps. You need to understand the interface so that they can easily use them. If you feel like something is missing and you wish to know something more than do let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you within the answer and provide you with the best solution for the same.