7 Reasons Why Classroom Learning is Better than Online Learning

With easy access to the internet, online learning has become a new trend. Teachers are available online to provide students with assignment help and resolve all academic queries.

Although many institutions are opting for the virtual route to provide students with instant academic assignment writing help, some schools and colleges still prefer traditional classroom learning. So, why do you think the conventional form is better than web-based learning? Let’s find out:

#1. Collaborative learning

The classroom is the ideal place to promote collaborative learning. It helps to improve a student’s self-awareness and learn how the other students study and learn. Collaborative learning makes a keen student learner throughout.

#2. Improves critical thinking abilities

Availing assignment help services would allow you to complete your assignments on time. But, it won’t help in enhancing your thinking skills. Mr. Pete, essay typer tool builder states that “classroom activities enable you to engage in live discussions with your fellow peers and gain knowledge about a particular topic. It allows you to formulate opinions on various arguments.”

#3. Enhances social skills:

Schools and classrooms are the right places to help students develop socially. Inside the campus, students get the chance to interact with their fellow peers and establish a cordial relationship with the teachers and other non-teaching staff. This aspect is essential for a student’s overall character development.

#4. Develops organisational skills:

Classroom routine helps a student maintain a disciplined life and develop organisational skills from a very young age. From going to school on time to completing assignments on time at home, students are held accountable to carry out their academic activities. When you attend classes, you learn how to organise your time table and balance out time for doing assignments and preparing for tests.

#5. Stimulates active learning

Nowadays, regular study curriculums are well balanced with other interactive and exciting academic activities to help students participate in active learning. Pop quizzes, audio & video sessions, field trips, debates are some of the most common learning activities adopted by the teachers. Such activities boost the power of retaining information and help to build interest to learn more.

#6. Suitable for all students

Classroom-based learning allows the teachers to get a clear idea about a student and his/her preferred way of learning. Since students and teachers follow the same pace, students have the opportunity to clear their doubts before moving ahead with the chapter.

#7. Inculcates career-building skills

As the saying goes, we make the best memories at school. Similarly, you learn many valuable lessons and gain experiences which help to shape your personality. You participate in many extracurricular activities which help to build your communication and listening skills, presentation skills, and build team spirit. You learn to get along with everyone from the different geographic and cultural background.

Online academic services get you quick assignment writing assistance. Still, it is the classroom learning that will help you in developing your personality and skills that are essential for your future career.


Online learning has become the need of the hour due to the sudden change in the academic scenario. However, there are many plus points of classroom learning that online learning can never replace. Read this article to learn about the benefits of the traditional form of education – classroom learning.

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Ava Smith is a school teacher working in this field for six years. She has received her Ph.D. in English literature from Murdoch University. She has been actively involved with a philanthropic organisation that works towards educating underprivileged children. She’s also a part of EssayAssignmenthelp.com.au as an academic advisor and assignment helper.