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Are you troubled with piles and not aware of the right treatment? Try Ayurveda

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Piles are problematic, this condition is really traumatic for the affected people. With regular use of ayurvedic drugs, symptoms can be alleviated and treated. If you are one, who has tried everything and wants to stop at one solution, Ayurveda is the best option for you.

The piles ayurvedic tablet has a lot of herbs blended well that act as natural purgatives that unstiffen stools and make bowels easy for affected patients.

The herbs used in ayurvedic drugs possess anti-inflammatory possessions which reduce discomfort, puffiness, and itchiness. Following are the herbs, ayurvedic tablets contain that help in curing piles:

Haritaki herb

This element is the extract of fruit and assists in maintaining equilibrium in doshas. It aids the breakdown of food and comforts during bowel activities. It’s a great detoxifier for the body thus it helps in releasing the burden on the excretory system.

Guggul Herb

This is an important ingredient in numerous ayurvedic drugs for piles and ingestion. This element is one of the best herbs as it has properties that can deal with Kapha dosha. This herb has anti-inflammatory properties too and this is one significant reason because of which it assists in curing piles and hemorrhoids. It aids in reducing the aching and itching because of the laxative properties.

Triphala Herb

This herb is a combination of three herbs Amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki. All these are great detoxifiers and possess slight laxative properties. All these support piles as they balance doshas, thus cleaning the body by aiding digestion.


This fruit has amazing health benefits and almost everyone is aware of it. The fruit famously known as Indian gooseberry. It is an immunomodulator and has anti-inflammatory qualities. Contains powerful antioxidants which are natural laxatives good for the cure of piles.

The Avipattikar Churna

This combines many herbs. A mix of amla, behada herb, nutgrass, cloves powder, Mishra particles, and ginger powder comprises this churn. It has been used since ancient times. It’s considered very useful for curing piles and disorders of fissures.

Turmeric Powder

No one can deny the amazing properties of turmeric. Famously known as Haldi, it has anti-microbial properties. Piles can result in itchiness and bleeding that can make a person feel terrible. Turmeric can control all these issues well. Haldi used for such treatments since ancient times. It found that haldi can shrink piles as it enhances the digestive fire that the body has.

The medication and treatment provided to you as per your body constitution and doshas. Tests to rule out the doshas can be done to find the apt medicine.

Piles can be really troublesome and can affect personal and social life. You must make use of the best ayurvedic medicine online and get rid of your problems. Taking any treatment has become very easy today because of the facilities and online technologies. Make use of it.