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7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Whiskey

Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Whiskey

Whiskey remains a very popular spirit with different types, tastes, and flavors from various parts of the world. Like most alcoholic drinks, the number one reason people drink whiskey is to get intoxicated. Only a few know about the health benefits. 

In the prohibition-era USA and 16th century Scotland, whiskey was used as a medicine. Even today, most people are aware that spirits can be used to fight the common cold. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Experts believe that whiskey can help us live a healthier and longer life when taken in moderation over a long time. Read on to find out how. 

Health Benefits of Whiskey

Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Whiskey

Good for Your Weight

There are two ways in which whiskey can help you maintain a healthy weight. First, it doesn’t add excess calories, fat, or refined sugar (these are the main culprits behind obesity) to your diet. Whiskey contains simple sugar (which is easy to digest), no fat, and a low-calorie count compared to other types of alcohol, wine included. 

Secondly, drinking whiskey at the end of a meal reduces appetite. Thereby reducing the risks of overeating. But have you ever wondered why your face gets red every time you drink? It must have to do with the alcohol flush reaction or also called asian glow. There are articles about this online.

It Aids digestion 

Whiskey is high-proof, which means it has a high percentage of alcohol. Therefore, the body works harder to digest these highly concentrated liquors. It produces more enzymes in an effort to break down the liquor. This is good as any food in the stomach will also be subjected to the same process.

There are many types of Whiskey and stagg jr is guaranteed to give you such benefits.

Good for your heart

Whiskey, dark beer, and wine contain antioxidants, which detoxify the body and bloodstream. Antioxidants remove and prevent cholesterol from building up in the body. They also encourage it to produce high-density lipoprotein (HDL), also known as good cholesterol. Whiskey also relaxes the walls of the artery, improving blood flow and preventing blood clotting. 

This keeps stroke, heart attack, and heart diseases at bay.

It can Fight cancer

One of these antioxidants, elegiac acid, can combat cancer. It does this by preventing carcinogenic compounds from reacting with body cells. Now, this doesn’t mean that whiskey can prevent or cure cancer. However, a daily dose of whiskey is good or at least won’t harm cancer patients and survivors. 

Screwball Whiskey is a terrific choice for people that want to reduce their risk of cancer. 

Good for your brain

Funny enough, a little and excess consumption of alcohol has very different effects on the brain and mind. When taken in excess, whiskey causes one hell of a hangover and may even damage the brain. However, ingested in small doses, whiskey can clear the mind and keep the brain sharp. 

This proves that whiskey helps with short term memory. However, studies show that it can also reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Improves immunity 

When the covid-19 pandemic started, there were rumors that alcohol can cure and make one immune to the virus. While this is false, studies have proven that alcohol can improve immunity and reception to vaccines. 

These studies didn’t prove that alcohol can replace medications or vaccinations. What it does prove is that alcohol can help the medicine to work better. For example, whiskey is mixed with honey and lime to cure a common cold. The latter two are doing the heavy lifting, but whiskey is the vehicle that made their work possible. 

It takes the edge off

Medical experts believe that stress and anxiety are the main causes of most of our modern society’s physical and mental health problems. Therefore, by helping you relax and get your nerves under control, whiskey ensures a healthier life. 

Whenever you are anxious about work or personal issues, a shot of whiskey will calm your nerves. Whiskey relaxes the body and its organs, such as the arteries. Therefore, allowing better circulation of blood. 


The benefits will vary depending on the raw material and quality of the whiskey. No problem if you are drinking single malt or blended. If you like blended whiskey, then you will appreciate the peanut butter flavor and enjoy the many benefits of Screwball Whiskey.

You will only enjoy these benefits by taking whiskey like a medication. Excessive consumption of alcohol will achieve a different result from the ones in this article. It can escalate existing health conditions and impair mental and physical functionality. 

Therefore, one needs to drink responsibly. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that women shouldn’t have more than one shot per day, and men shouldn’t have more than two. Note that this is not an average but the limit for intake within twenty-four hours. 

The final factor that can affect the effects of whiskey is mixing your drink. You can enjoy your whiskey with other substances, but this introduces new chemicals, good or bad. For example, mixing your whiskey with water increases hydration; mixing with lime or honey adds antioxidants and vitamins, and mixing it with coke adds more calories and refined sugar. 

Whether mixing or having whiskey neat, It’s best to stay close to the recommended daily intake.