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Home » Apply OSP License or DOT License For Starting A Call Center in India

Apply OSP License or DOT License For Starting A Call Center in India

Apply OSP License or DOT License For Starting A Call Center in India

What exactly is the OSP license? OSP license is the other service provider license that is supplied to businesses and corporations who are into offering various telecom-related services such as telemarketing, teletrading, telemedicine, call centers, IT-related services, and telemarketing services.

OSP License or DOT License

In other words, this is a kind of registration made compulsory by the Department of Telecommunication in India also called DOT. As per the New Telecom Policy 1999 (NTP), those service providers who engage in activities like tele-hospitality, Call Center Consultant India, tele-counseling, tele-trading, network operation complexes and IT-powered businesses, utilizing telecommunication assets are called (OSP) which stands for “Other service providers”.

Enlistment of OSPs and Telemarketers is taken care of by the particular Telecom Enforcement, Resource, and Monitoring (TERM) Cells assigned to the specific area in which the OSP/Telemarketing Center is located.

In this blog, we will go ahead and take a look at the ways how to get an OSP license.


Other service providers can get permission for using telecom resources from the government-approved Telecom Service Providers only and they must not offer exchange communication. Moreover, the Department of Telecommunication must register OSPs making use of telecom resources for offering several solutions such as call centers, tele-teaching, and other IT-powered services.

Different forms of OSP license:

  1. There is a domestic OSP wherein the company offers application services within the country
  2. And, the other one is International OSP in  which a company provides services on the global level

Now the question arises who can apply for the OSP license from the Department of Telecommunication in India? Any kind of LLP, Private Limited Company, public limited corporation, or OPC can use the OSP license registration in India by getting registered under DOT.

Who Can Apply for OSP Registration:

Specialist companies and businesses in India who are engaged in various services mentioned below by utilizing telecom resources are required to get an OSP license from the Telecommunication authority in India. These telecom resources are telecom offices utilized by an OSP which includes, however not restricted to Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN), Public Switched Telecom Networks (PSTN), Public Land Mobile Networks, and/or the telecom frequency range provided by govt approved telecom service supplier.

  • Tele-medicine
  • Tele-banking
  • Tele-education
  • Network operation center
  • IT Enabled Services
  • Tele-trading
  • E-commerce
  • Call center

Requirements for OSP License

To procure an OSP Registration in India, the organization must be entitled to a Private Limited Company, or a Public limited corporation or LLP. This way, businessmen who are looking to start a BPO, call center, or Kpo consultant, E-commerce online store, or any other IT IT-enabled services must have a private limited establishment. The following are the requirements necessary for dot registration.

  • Testament of Private Limited Company incorporation
  • (MOA) A note of association, and (AOA) Article of partnership
  • Power of attorney permitting the approved signatory
  • Name of the company and activities suggested
  • List of company’s Directors and current shareholding pattern
  • List of stakeholders

One must note that the above-mentioned documents must be attested by the company’s director or the secretary of the company or the public notary.

General Terms and Conditions for getting OSP registration to set up a Domestic or International OSP center

Apply OSP License or DOT License For Starting A Call Center in India

General Terms

Registration for OSP can be provided to any organization that aims to provide application solutions, the service provider will not violate the jurisdiction of the other telecom service issuers and they won’t offer switched telephony.

You can submit the following documents to apply for the registration of the OSP authority:

  1. Incorporation certificate provided by companies registrar
  2. Article of association and memorandum
  3. Power of attorney and board resolution authorizing the signatory sanctioned with attested signatures
  4. A formal note on the business nature of the business of OSP proposed.

You can submit these documents if the real information varies from the information on compulsory documents

  1. List of current company directors of the business
  2. The current company’s shareholding pattern mentions equity details

All the submitted documents must be verified with the company seal by either one of the Directors of the organization or the Company Secretary. Generally, there is a processing fee of Rs 1000/ – is payable alongside the application for enlistment. The company registration validity will be good 20 years from the date of issue. The OSP needs to submit yearly returns to the authorities in a defined performance within 6 months of financial year completion.

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