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An Insight into Microdermabrasion & Its Benefits

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Our daily stressful routines can take a big toll on our skin leaving it lifeless and dull. We tend to live hectic life. Especially those who have a 9 to 5 job and push their health to the limits. Opting for good skin treatment can help detoxify your skin and deeply nourish it resulting in rejuvenation and cellar renewal. There are several skin treatments to help restore your skin and make it smooth and glowing once again. Microdermabrasion is one of them as described in this article as is offered in a skin clinic at Epping.

What is Microdermabrasion?

This is a non-invasive organic skin treatment that is highly effective in resurfacing your skin.

  • It involves using exfoliation to remove the top layer of the skin in a gentle process. This will result in revealing a new layer underneath and is ideal for those with a dull complexion, irregular skin tone, dark spots, acne, and melasma.
  • It is a painless treatment that is perfect for everyone irrespective of their skin tone. This is one of the best treatments for Acne that involves applying fine crystals to the face. Removing the crystals also helps peel the dead layer of skin using the exfoliation method.
  • It is highly effective for those who have acne and equally effective on blackheads. Those opting for this treatment are bound to witness great results like clearer and smoother skin as well as enlarged pores that are cleared of dead skin.

What to Expect?

One can expect healthier skin after undergoing this type of treatment. Although the results may vary from patient to patient, if they do follow the prescribed plan it is highly likely there will be a visible difference. – It will usually involve an initial discussion with the doctor at which time they will evaluate your skin and identify the areas of concern. 

  • It may also involve you having to disclose any existing medical conditions or any medication you are under. 
  • The doctor might advise on how to prepare for the treatment prior to scheduling after 2 to 3 days. 
  • The preparation can include using exfoliating products like scrubs or Retin-A, cleaning the face with a cleanser, staying hydrated, and applying a moisturizing cream.
  • It is not advisable to opt for any hair removal skin treatments 3-4 weeks prior to scheduling this one, this includes waxing, threading, laser surgery, Accutane, etc. 
  • It is also a good practice to avoid the sun as far as possible when planning this treatment. Avoid being exposed to the harsh UV rays for too long, sunburns and tans by using sunscreen, and simply avoid exposure to sunlight. 
  • Once you do undergo this treatment it is advisable to rescue the caffeine intake and use more moisturizers since this will aid the rejuvenating process
  • Avoid irritating your skin by frequently touching, rubbing, or picking. Some of the other activities that one should avoid doing include stressful workouts and consuming alcohol.

Popular facial treatments

  • Microdermabrasion is a very popular treatment, however; there are several other skin treatments that are also effective. 
  • Enzyme peels are another treatment that is a very gentle one and uses natural products. This too stimulates new skin growth and helps one gain brighter and healthier skin. 
  • One of the other popular treatments is the fruit acid skin peel treatment. This is effective in removing dead layers of skin and also helps cleanse at a deeper level. This is done with the use of natural acids.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

  • It offers visible change to the skin for the better which can be maintained using a strict skincare regimen.
  • This process transforms your skin to make it feel incredibly soft and healthy.
  • The new layer of skin will have a visible glow making your skill look refreshed and brighter.
  • It ensures fresher-looking skin, clears any wrinkles, and minimizes fine lines.
  • This treatment also ensures a brighter skin tone, and better skin color reduces age spots, and shrinks the pores.
  • One can enjoy a more radiant complexion, and cleaner-looking skin and have their scars fade away.

This is the ideal treatment for both men and women since it is not very time-consuming. Besides which it is also a highly convenient procedure that is non-surgical, painless, fast and safe for all types of skins.

It is highly likely that you might be wondering “if a skin clinic at Epping offers such a treatment”. Salons offering clinical treatments and facials will provide this treatment hence you can contact one for this service.