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8 Best Romantic Spas in the World

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best spas in the world

Most spas embrace the basic three-R tenet of rejuvenation, relaxation, and renewal. However, only the best spas around the world have what it takes to grab the fourth R: romance. Spas are fast becoming prime date places for couples who want to spark up their relationships. When you go to a spa, you hit two birds with one stone. You have a blast while spending time together, and you get to relax from the strenuousness of your daily routines.

However, the first part of that statement can only really happen if you visit these spas. Let us take you to the most romantic, renewing, relaxing, and rejuvenating places around the world.

Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos

Most Romantic Spas in the World

If you’re looking forward to a weekend away from work and everything stressful, then a night or two at the Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos should do the trick. Here, you won’t even have to step out of your suite to have your treatments. The spa brings them to you. The suite also has a private terrace where you can also have your massage done while bathing in the sun.

The spa’s outdoor garden is also a nice choice if you don’t mind walking too far from your bed. This resort sprawls out on a beach stretch at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico. This is still covered by the colonial Jose del Cabo town, though the beach stretches back to the jovial Cabo San Lucas as well.

The recommended treatments here include the Sea and Stars Massage (best done on your terrace), which lasts for 90 minutes. Keep the hearth warm by letting the fireplace crackle and dipping into the suite’s Jacuzzi with your partner. The Jacuzzi has a fine view of the ocean, so expect a lot of bookings during the full moon. If you’re planning on this vacation, you better book months ahead of time.

The Sofitel of Los Angeles

The Sofitel of Los Angeles

Le Spa which can be found in the Sofitel, L.A., ranks fourth as the world’s most romantic spa. This is situated strategically between Hollywood and Beverly Hills, which means that it’s at the center of the dining and shopping capitals of the U.S.A. For the most romantic treatment, you and your partner should sign up for the Touch of Love. You can learn the techniques from your masseuse during the 60-minute to 80-minute session.

After that, the spa will let you take a booklet home so you can treat your partner to a massage next time. The hotel spa will also give you a special aphrodisiac massage oil which will surely get things steamy in your bedroom.

Before that, though, don’t miss out on all the shopping. Cruise the Rodeo Drive for the best designer boutiques, or walk-through L.A. neighborhoods. Silverlake and Santa Monica are recommended for sightseeing.

Hungry from the trip out? The hotel also has one of the best restaurants in the area. Try the delicate yellowtail carpaccio, and sweeten up the evening with an avocado pudding.

La Plata in Spain’s Aran Valley

La Plata in Spain’s Aran Valley

When it comes to romance, it’s not very surprising that Spain is among the top travel destinations. The most romantic spa in the whole world (at least for this year) can be found in La Pleta, Aran Valley, Spain. The mountain lodge’s spa is called the Occitania Spa which is filled with mystery, what with its aromatic candles, elevation, and the snow that’s just right outside.

La Pleta is also a haven for people who love winter sports. You and your partner can have fun in the snow first. After your activities, you can treat your sore muscles with a full body massage from the spa. Two Lovers’ Massage is very popular here. After the massage, you should go for a hot soak and walk through their reflexology pathway.

Here, you’ll be walking on smooth stones which would relax the soles of your feet while warm water runs through your ankles and calves.

After that massage, you and your partner can feast on chicken paillard which is stuffed with mushrooms. To pair off the dish, order a bottle of their local sweet wine.

The view here is spectacular. You will be surrounded by fountains, spanning views of the lake, and waterfalls. With that description, need we explain why it’s such a romantic spa? If you sign up for the spa suite, you’ll also be sleeping on a waterbed which doubles as a massage table, while three fireplaces keep your spacious room warm.

What’s best is that this is only a short 40-minute drive from Washington, making it a favorite relaxation site of a lot of hardworking government officials who are trying to make it up to their life partners. We recommend the Pure Essence Shower. You’ll be enjoying the healing waters of the Alps through a rain shower, but that’s not all. Jet showers are also built in the treatment room, massaging all of your pressure points.

When you’re not in the spa, you can also enjoy winter sports like skiing, snowshoeing, and cruising in a snowmobile. The food is also delectable. You should try the caramel Muscovy duck, and the restaurant’s hot huckleberry soufflé. All the while, you’ll be dining in front of the lake and possibly rubbing elbows with only Beverly’s finest people.

The Starr Pass in Tucson, Arizona

The Starr Pass in Tucson, Arizona

Back in the home front, Tucson, Arizona’s Starr Pass scurries up to the eight places with its spa called the Hashani. The spa overlooks Tucson Mountain Park, and this should appeal to you if you find the Old West wildly romantic.

The resort itself is the same color as the sand, and you’ll feel the desert growing around you as forests of cactuses surround the hideaway. Among their best treatments is Cupping Therapy. While this is a Chinese technique, making use of suction cups to release toxins and improve blood circulation, the Starr has been pretty well known for it.

This is the perfect way to end a tiring day hiking the trails of the Sonoran Desert. After your massage, feast on seared scallops, black bean puree, and of course, pepper tequila which fits perfectly with your Texan backdrop.

The InterContinental Buckhead in Atlanta

The InterContinental Buckhead in Atlanta

Coming in second is a spa that’s not so far from home. The InterContinental Buckhead in Atlanta is set up in the posh Buckhead Area. You and your partner will be close to the best shopping and dining places, and they’re always good places to be in after a good, romantic massage.

You should try the Body Indulgence package. This includes a generous 90-minute massage, an hour’s worth of facials, an hour-long reflexology foot scrub, and a scalp treatment that lasts for fifteen minutes. You’ll be spending almost four hours at the spa, which is always a good precursor for an indulgent dinner in the area.

There are also clubs where you can dance all night, or galleries if you prefer a quiet evening contemplating art.

Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in California

Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in California

What’s more romantic than an old adobe inn spa with its heirloom gardens, rooms that still have that Spanish glint, and spa treatments en suite? While the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in California didn’t top this list this cozy hearth might just be the answer to your anniversary question when you were looking for a great hideaway that’s not too far from home.

This spa is right on top of the Topa Topa mountain. The inn is surrounded by old oak trees, orange groves, and lavender fields. With everything practically local to it, the site is a natural spa in itself. All you have to do is breathe in the air and you’ll be so relaxed, you’ll forget that you’re only a few miles from your office.

The Kuyam experience is very popular here. The package includes guided meditation, inhalation treatment, cleansing mud, and dry heat. This treatment is best followed by a Massage Duet that would relax both you and your partner.

Aside from the spa treatments, you can also play golf, and horseback riding, sign up for Pilates and dancing classes or explore the woods by hiking. After a full day’s activities, sit back and relax with an El Jefe cocktail while sitting right outside, under one of the ancient oaks.

The Mandarin Hotel in Prague

The Mandarin Hotel in Prague

The best spas are built in the unlikeliest of places. This particular site used to be a monastery in the 14th century before it was converted into the Mandarin Hotel we know now. Prague has the 7th most romantic spa in the world, and its beauty would inspire even the most coldhearted of couples. You can’t possibly fall in love in Prague, especially not in this Mandarin Hotel spa’s couples suite.

Built underground, the couple’s suite has two connecting gothic-inspired rooms. For the best treatments, try the Linden trees. The Linden Blossom scrub will rejuvenate you with its honey scent. After the treatment, you’ll be served a pot of steaming Linden blossom tea as well. Round up the day with a short walk along with the Mala Strana neighborhood. You’ll think you were in a fairytale while you were in Prague.