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Aluminum Venetian Blinds in Surrey BC: a World of Colors

The aluminum Venetian blinds in surrey are undoubtedly the best ally to protect the home from direct sunlight without affecting the slightest aesthetics, functionality, and agility of housing. They present, in the same way, an added component of modernity. Learn about its main uses here, as well as the colors that we have.

Our range of colors for Venetian blinds in Surrey BC

As we have said, one of the strengths of Venetian blinds is their aesthetics. This is achieved through two elements: on the one hand, the elegant and modern appearance that this material presents. On the other, the wide range of colors that we put at your disposal so that you can find the one that best suits your preferences and the style of your home.

Satin plain colors

Our Venetian blind with 25-millimeter slats in plain satin colors have a simple, yet minimalist design. You can find from yellowish tones (gold, ocher, or greenish-yellow) to reddish and pink, blue in its different intensities, and green, for a style that enhances the most natural values.

For offices, we have a series of Venetian blinds in Surrey in brown and orange. Also, if you want to install them in a children’s room, you can opt for violets and whites.

Regarding the measurements, they can reach 300 centimeters wide. However, for greater comfort, we recommend a width of between 50 and 200 centimeters and a length of between 50 and 300 centimeters.

Wood color in aluminum blinds

On the other hand, we have the aluminum Venetian blind with 25-millimeter slats in wood color. It is the ideal style for exteriors, so they are ideal for terraces, patios, and gardens. They have a much more natural cut than simple brown and have, as a strong point, the elegance that only aluminum can provide.

We have three main wood colors: a light one, an intermediate one with orange reflections, and a dark mahogany style.

As the main advantages, they stand out in that they are easy to install. At the same time, its cleaning is very simple, since it is only necessary to slide a damp cloth over its slats to remove any remaining dirt or dust. In the same way, they allow you great control of the amount of light that enters the home. They also fit perfectly in different environments.

Pastel Color

Another of the blinds we have is the Venetian blind with 25-millimeter aluminum slats in a pastel finish. This type of color has become more and more in trend since it offers a more informal and minimalist cut style. It is ideal for modern homes, although it also offers the most classic ones an added modernity.

Our color palette includes nine main shades: white and silver, more versatile in appearance since they adapt to all room colors; and ocher and light brown, which provide freshness and luminosity. For its part, black is special for rooms oriented towards sunlight in which it is important to keep the darkness at certain times of the day; and four other more intense tones (green, red, blue, and orange) are the perfect option for children’s rooms.

Bright color

If what interests you most in your home at a decorative level is to enhance its modernity, you should know our aluminum Venetian blinds with 25-millimeter slats in glossy finishes. In their favor, we emphasize that, since they are very easy to clean, the radiant appearance will not be affected by the dust that may fall.

We have two main color ranges for this model: a simple one (made up of white, silver, and black tones), and a more intense one, with yellow and red tones. In addition, here we include the most popular colors, so if you are looking for a different color, do not hesitate to ask us.

Custom drilled

Venetian blinds with custom-drilled 25-millimeter aluminum slats have, in their favor, the greatest freshness that they bring to the interior of the home thanks to their micro-holes (made using specialized machinery for a perfectionist cut). This is the best option for the summer since you can lower the Venetian blinds so that the sunlight does not enter, but without restricting the entry of fresh air.

We have three main tones: black, with an elegant and stately cut; silver (also including white and dark gray), and gold.

Wooden blinds

Lastly, we have the Venetian blind with 25-millimeter aluminum slats in wood. By having them in your home, you will enjoy the naturalness that this material offers, as well as its robustness and resistance to adverse weather conditions. We have different shades of wood, in addition to silver and green tones.

As you have seen, we have a wide range of aluminum Venetian blinds for you to choose the one that best suits your style. If you want to know more information about our catalog or request a quote, access our contact.