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6 Most Aesthetic Coffee Makers For Mindful Work Routine

Millions of people around the world drink coffee as their morning shot of adrenaline. However, everyone has a unique preference like some people want to have a cold brew or a pour-over or even a shot of espresso….the list is neverending. No matter what choice of coffee you want, you want to enjoy it in the easiest way possible without any hustle. Since there are more than one ways to enjoy your coffee, with your work-lifestyle you will need to get yourself the best coffee makers that will save you time and energy.

Sustainable sip with advanced coffee makers

For the love of the environment, people are now diverting the sustainable coffee makers as an option. Such coffee makers are made from quality but recyclable materials like steel, aluminum, or glass. This ensures longevity and durability too. 

The result? A sustainable coffee maker

So whether you want to savor the taste of coffee while working or planning a picnic with friends, you need advanced aesthetic coffee makers. Down below we have enlisted the top-notch coffee makers you are bound to love.


Oh, the love of portable espresso coffee maker will never go away. Easy to buy, easy to use, and easy to clean are the fundamentals of this coffeemaker. What I love most about the portable coffee makers are their aesthetic designs and sleek looks.

And the Minipresso does have it all!  Just press the semi piston button and you can brew 2 cups of espresso within 2 minutes! This is pretty amazing for someone who doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a coffee machine and is looking for a straightforward option. 

Besides, a portable coffee maker is usable at all times because of its small size you can fit it in your luggage or hand-carry. 

Hasami Porcelain 

Two cups of coffee, please? Then go for the Hasami Porcelain coffee maker. If you are looking for a coffee maker with an aesthetic look just similar to the Nanopreso then this is a good call. The traditional rank of the coffee dropper and a teapot infused into one is one of the oldest Japanese techniques. With the Asian-infused style of coffee making this coffee maker is quite a sustainable choice.

The porcelain set can make at least cups in one go. Both pieces come with the top lid and are microwave and dishwasher friendly too. The minimalist design saves a lot of space in your kitchen as well. 


If you want a taste of french presses, then Yield is the right choice by all means. Made out of sustainable materials like steel, copper, borosilicate glass, makes it one of the most ethical coffee makers ever. One of the quality coffee makers in the USA, Yields is an affordable kitchen appliance to add to your list of shopping. 

The coffee maker includes a steel filter, copper pull, and a glass pitcher with a lid. The best part is that it is heatproof. 


Are you a savvy businessman constantly traveling? Where the portable espresso maker is the best choice for traveling you can also look up at the Palmpress. Constructed from stainless steel and BPA,-free plastic this can be your new office, coffee maker. For a personal choice, you can enjoy a coffee maker for just $50!

You do not need any pods or paper filters to brew your cup of coffee. The functions of Palmpress are highly flexible. 


For those who love the cold brew, Soma is here for you. The cool structure and the appealing design is what attracted me to have a closer look at this coffee maker. Soma is structured with BPA-free borosilicate glass and stainless steel which is a quality structure. With its clean aesthetics and sustainable materials, coffee lovers love this invention. 

So if you want a cold brew or even an iced tea, now you know you can look in the direction of the double-walled bottle that is hard to break and best for a brew!

Pot Studio LA

For a single serving of coffee, you need to get yourself a fantastic looking Pot Studio LA. inspired by the Iranian entrepreneur, this coffee maker is made from ceramic and costs under $100 only. It resembles the handmade pottery style and is known as the “radical POC artist” venture. 

So if you are interested in the pottery community to thrive in their innovative coffee maker design, you can try to use it as a coffee experience. It’s a manual brewer so those who like to use the speckled sets of coffee makers can enjoy this ecstatic tool. 

Now that you have learned about the most aesthetic and appealing coffee makers which one will be your choice for the day best meets your work routine? Let us know.