Essential Motorhome Accessories

So, you just bought a motorhome? Congratulations! Once the initial excitement of buying your first RV and thinking of all the amazing road trips you and your family can now take has finally sunk in, now it’s time to get to business. Purchasing an RV is a very exciting moment, but there are a lot of other necessary things needed to own an RV that you definitely need to consider.

A new RV can be thought of as a clean slate. Sure, it’s driveable and can get you from point A to point B, but it’s what happens along the way that actually matters. Now, that can either sound like a cliche quote about the experience of a journey, but when it comes to traveling with an RV, you need the proper tools to get you through whatever happens between point A and point B.

New motorhomes require a lot of certain accessories that do not initially come with the RV at the time of purchase. That may not seem fair, but if you did proper research, you should have already been aware of this. Some accessories for an RV are optional, but others are completely necessary and essential to ensure your new RV is running smoothly and you won’t run into any problems during a road trip.

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Here, you can find a list of motorhome accessories that are both absolutely needed and will make your first RV road trip filled with good memories, not stressful ones.

Essential Accessories
Water Pressure Regulator
The most common issue that arises with RV owners is working with the water of an RV. Certain RV parks have higher water pressure than others, so when hooking up to their water supply, you have the potential to burst your motorhome’s pipes and flood them out. That problem is completely preventable with this specific accessory.

Water Filter
This accessory will find itself very useful when at a campground or RV park whose water supply is not really up to par. You really never know what you’re going to get when it comes to a certain water supply, so you want to be prepared for the worst. This filter will ensure that any nasty particles or sediment will not end up in your freshwater supply.

Drinking Water Hose
To actually use the water that you have just filtered, the water hose is essential to fill up your water tank or hooking the hose up to the city water tap. Lengths vary with these hoses but it’s beneficial to have a longer hose.

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Sewer Hose
This might be the most important camper accessory on your list. In order to properly dispose of your waste, you will need a proper sewer hose. Unless you have a composting toilet, every RV owner has to have this in the RV at all times.

Holding Tank Treatment
This might be kind of gross, but it’s one of those necessary things that come with having an RV. Unfortunately, sometimes, an RV will start to smell with a holding tank in place. Before you can dispose of your holding tank, you’ll need a tank treatment to break down the waste and reduce the odor it may cause.

Where to Find These Accessories
With all of this considered, it’s better for you to purchase these essential motorhome accessories before your first road trip. That way, you are able to have a smooth, safe, and enjoyable vacation without the unnecessary issues that could arise if you didn’t purchase these accessories.

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