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What Is Nagula Chavithi & How Is It Observed?

Nagula Chavithi is an auspicious day to worship Snake Gods known as the Nagas. It is celebrated on the fourth day after Amavasya in the Karthika month. On this day, married women worship the Snake Gods for the well-being of their husbands and family members. Women observe fasting and perform Naga Pooja. Nagula Chavithi is a major festival that is mainly celebrated in two South Indian states – Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

We should protect the forests that are the home of snakes. Legend says that during the churning of the Milky Ocean by Devas and Asuras in search of nectar, the Vasuki snake was used as a rope. Due to severe aberrations, it spat the deadly poison known as Halahala during the churning process.

What Is Nagula Chavithi & How Is It Observed?

The poison would have harmed the world, but Lord Shiva swallowed it and kept it in his throat, which turned blue after some time. This is how Lord Shiva came to be known as Neelakantha. But, a few drops of the poison spilled on the earth. To remove the malefic effects of the poison, people started worshiping Snake Gods to pacify them and protect themselves from the negative effects.

 The day before Nagula Chavithi, devotees take a head bath with oil. On Nagula Chavithi day, devotees keep an idol of Naga Devata at home and perform Pooja. Some devotees visit a Snake burrow if possible and keep food and milk for the snakes and perform Pooja. Prayers are held in Naga temples.

Nagula Chavithi is observed to show gratitude towards serpents that protect our agriculture by consuming the rodents. According to Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu represent a snake. The malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu can be caused due to a curse of a snake from our previous life, which can be corrected by worshiping snakes. Childless couples and even those who have children can do the Pooja for serpentine blessings.

How do Planets help Receive The Blessings Of The Day?

This year, Nagula Chavithi falls on November 18, 2020. Today, the day Lord Mercury is in the powerful and invincible Swati Nakshatra (ruled by Rahu), which is all about Pradhvamsa Shakti, the ability to bring success in any task through the power of goal, independence, and determination. Mercury is with Venus, which is in Chitra Nakshatra (ruled by Mars). Both Venus and Mercury are aspected by Mars and Saturn.

Today, we can win all our battles through our willpower, grace, charm, and communication skills if we get the blessings of Lord Shiva and the Snake Gods (Naga Devatas). We must be careful not to have any miscommunication with others. As Mercury is in Rahu Star, if we pray to Shiva and the Nagas, we can be blessed with positivity in our speech and intellect today.

Today, the Moon is with Jupiter. The Moon is in the invincible Purvashada Star of Venus associated with fluidity and power and the ability to energize others. It has Varchagrahan Shakti that can materialize all our wishes.

Jupiter is also in the unconquerable Uttarashada star (ruled by Sun) forming the auspicious Gaja Kesari Yoga with the Moon, which can give us the strength of an elephant and lion combined. Today we can get immense power of the mind, luck, fortune, and intellect to solve any problem and succeed in any action if we pray to Lord Shiva and the Snake Gods (Naga Devatas).

Chant the following mantras 108 times

Om Namah Shivaya 

Meaning – I bow to Shiva

Om Sri Nagadevaaya Namaha 

Meaning – I bow to the Naga Devas (Snake Gods)

Nagula Chavithi Dos

  • Visit Shiva temple, if possible
  • Offer milk and food for a snake, if possible
  • Observe fast, if possible
  • Pour Ganga water and raw milk on Shiva Lingam during Pooja
  • Plant seeds of any plant in your home, if possible
  • Meditate and chant the above mantras
  • Wear green-colored clothes on this day, if possible

Nagula Chavithi Don’ts

  • Do not consume alcohol or non-vegetarian food
  • Avoid using inauspicious words
  • Refrain from anger and avoid getting into negative situations
  • Refrain from hurting any living creature