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Difference Between Astrology and Numerology

Difference Between Astrology and Numerology

Mostly we use astrology and numerology as synonyms and interpret the same meaning from these two words. But their studies, remedies, and relation with zodiac signs are totally different.

Astrology studies stars and planets to know their impact on humans whereas Numerology works with numbers and mathematical combinations of birth dates to reveal about us. So before jumping into the difference between astrology and numerology let’s have a quick view of their meanings.

Glimpse of Astrology

The study of planetary combinations and movements that expound influence on human lives and the world is known as astrology.  The founder of astrology was Babylonians. It originated around 2,400 years ago.

Astrology uses birth charts to derive information based on the positions of stars and planets. To read horoscopes four elements are used in astrology i.e. fire, earth, air, and water.

Glimpse of Numerology

As the name says, Numerology is the study of numbers and their mystical nature. These numbers are used to identify the quantifiable energy. The founder of numerology was Pythagoras.

In numerology, numbers are assigned to individuals based on complex mathematical calculations from the birth date, month, and year. Most people know zodiac signs but hardly anyone of them is aware of lucky numbers.  It is really important to know your number as it describes the path you must take to find fulfillment in life.

Now that you are aware of the meaning of astrology and numerology, know their advantages of them.

Advantages of Astrology

Though life is uncertain with the help of astrology you can have a better understanding of different personalities.  As astrology is a divine science it enables us to have a perception of the future and past. Although a myth to change the future is completely wrong. It just shows a path to the future.

Astrology provides assistance to natives to get growth in careers, relationships, and in other aspects of life.

Advantages of Numerology

After knowing your life path number and destiny number you can know your life purpose. Path number talks about the real you, your character, qualities, strength, weakness, and professions.

Whatever your destiny has planned for you, it can be revealed with destiny number. The most striking benefits of numerology can be shown in business for financial growth.

Connections between astrology and numerology

Numerology and Astrology are completely interconnected. With the help of astrology, numerology can enhance its decision.

Cycle in the Horoscope follows a particular pattern. When a person is born, he starts his horoscope cycle from 1st house. In the 2nd year, it directly jumps to the 12th house following descending order till the 2nd house. This cycle continues for my whole life.

Each number is governed by a specific planet and each house denotes specific things –

  • 1st house signifies things that are valuable to natives.
  • 2nd house signifies prosperity and various sources of income.
  • 3rd house denotes the relations of brother and sister and knowledge about business.
  • 4th house denotes ordinary matters of household and property.
  • 5th house indicates affairs, love, romance, and charm.
  • 6th house typifies physical well-being.
  • 7th house designates association with all surrounding.
  • The 8th house signifies multiple sources of income.
  • 9th  house stands for sixth sense and education.
  • 10th house marks professional life and social reputation.
  • 11th symbolize money-oriented development.
  • 12th house represents confidential matters.

This unique connection can be used to predict the future and personality of an individual. Both astrology and numerology can provide the best solutions to the seeker with pure hearts. Explore which will give you the best results astrology or numerology.