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Home » Jupiter Mahadasha – Its Results Regarding Different Zodiac Signs

Jupiter Mahadasha – Its Results Regarding Different Zodiac Signs

Jupiter Mahadasha in Different Zodiac Signs

Jupiter Mahadasha, which is also known as Guru Mahadasha, brings both favorable and unfavorable results. As per the planetary positions in your horoscope, it brings you both benefic and malefic outcomes.

When Jupiter Mahadasha is Favorable?

  • A person gets more power professionally. If you serve as an authority, you savor a higher rank.
  • You establish harmony in your married life and have children. You receive immense happiness from your family.
  • Students get good grades, get placed, or go for higher studies.
  • Your social status and prestige improve.
  • You get good networking and get surrounded by wealthy and intelligent people.
  • If you are a businessman, you see your business bloom like never before.
  • One gains knowledge of occult science, astrology, and spirituality.

When Jupiter Mahadasha is Not Favorable?

Since Jupiter Mahadasha remains in your horoscope for 16 years, these effects harass you for all those years.

  • You lose your faith in God and spirituality.
  • You may become under the bad influence of someone, or someone can mislead you.
  • You fail in saving money, and it always seems an issue.
  • You experience a lack of prosperity, and lucks seem not to work for you.
  • You develop health issues like diabetes, asthma, obesity, etc.
  • You make more enemies, or someone may betray you.
  • Your professional life seems poor, and no one supports you.
  • You don’t enjoy your married life, and there may be issues in your family too.

Jupiter Mahadasha in Different Zodiac Signs

Jupiter Mahadasha in Different Zodiac Signs


Jupiter Mahadasha remains favorable for an Aries. Jupiter rules both the 9th house which is Luck and the 12th house which is Expense. Hence Aries tends to succeed, get a name and fame, along with respect in society. They will develop spirituality inside them and do something for people’s good.


Taurus may or may not yield the benefits from Jupiter Mahadasha. In Taurus, Jupiter is the lord of the 8th and 11th houses, and hence if it goes well with Venus, Moon, and Mercury, then the native will enjoy success and prosperity, else the opposite.


In Gemini, Jupiter functions as the lord of the 7th and 10th houses. So Jupiter Mahadasha would not yield many benefits for a Gemini unless Jupiter remains in Sagittarius and Pisces or if it remains in Cancer’s 2nd house in its exaltation. 


For a Cancerian, Jupiter Mahadasha will bring great results in every aspect. Jupiter in Cancer rules the 6th and 9th houses that are about fame and fortune, so the Jupiter Mahadasha tends to amplify these two fields and blesses the Cancerian with wealth, power, and prosperity along with spiritual development.


Leo Jupiter serves the 5th and 8th houses, and that is why these people will enjoy ultimate bliss related to happiness, wealth, education, and foreign travel.


In Virgo, Jupiter runs in the 4th and 7th houses; it doesn’t serve the individual with benefic results. However, if Jupiter synchronizes with Saturn and creates Raj Yoga, then the native will enjoy all the prosperity, materialist pleasure, a satisfied married life, a healthy friends circle, and much more.


For Libra, Jupiter is the lord of the 3rd and 6th houses. As a result, the native will not enjoy any benefits and will develop diseases and debts. However, if it exalts in its own sign, then it would bring beneficial results to the individual.


Scorpions will enjoy the good effects of Jupiter Mahadasha as the planet remains in the 2nd and 5th houses. The native will be involved in occult science, public speaking, and spirituality. He will enjoy increased knowledge, wisdom, and assets.


Jupiter for a Sagittarius attracts many benefits that bring good health, happiness, power, and high social status. These people will acquire assets such as houses, maternal happiness, and friends with strong networking.


Jupiter rules the 3rd and 12th house of Capricorn, so it doesn’t function as beneficial for the natives. However, if Jupiter positions in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th houses in the horoscope positions, then the Jupiter Mahadasha brings positive effects.


For the Aquarians, Jupiter rules the 2nd and 11th houses. The Mahadasha brings prosperity to the natives and several favorable results in different fields of life. However, if Jupiter serves from a bad position, the results would be the opposite.


Jupiter rules the 10th house of Pisces, so the results always remain highly favorable. The natives will enjoy growth in the profession and bright careers with better earnings. They will attract people of high status and get support from the family. However, Jupiter’s bad position may make the natives lose their job.

Other than the zodiac signs, several factors influence the effects of Jupiter Mahadasha in the horoscope. One should always get the Kundali checked by an astrologer to get an idea if the Mahadasha would be benefic or malefic.