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Know About The Knee Replacement Surgery Cost In India

Know About The Knee Replacement Surgery Cost In India

Knee replacement surgery is usually chosen as an option by patients aged 55 or above after they have endured knee pain for a few years and have limited mobility. Also called arthroplasty, total knee replacement surgery is quite a common joint surgery performed across the world. It not only enables patients to get rid of their nagging knee pain that is either caused by some injury, arthritis, etc but also helps in improving mobility.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgery

There are many types of Knee Replacement surgeries performed in India. The doctor or surgeon decides which type of procedure should be performed as per the condition of the knees.

The main types are:

  1. Total Knee Replacement: The most common surgery where the damaged bone and cartilage is completely removed from the joint and a new implant is put in its place. 
  2. Partial Knee Replacement: In this case, only the damaged part of the knee joint is replaced with an implant. 
  3. Revision or Complex Knee Replacement: This is a complicated procedure that is performed for patients who suffer from bone loss, deformity or weak ligaments, and also for patients who are getting their second or third knee replacement. 
  4. Bilateral Knee Replacement: This procedure, where both knees undergo replacement simultaneously, is needed when the patient has a lot of pain or arthritis in both knees. 
  5. Minimal Invasive Surgery: This surgery requires a smaller incision and is lesser painful and the recovery time is much lower. 

The Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Know About The Knee Replacement Surgery Cost In India

As compared to developed countries, the knee replacement surgery cost in India is lesser and more affordable. The cost of this procedure in India is anywhere between Rs.1,50,000 ($2,200) to Rs.3,80,000 ($5,500). However, note that the above cost is just an approximation and could vary depending on various factors such as the medical condition of the patient, the type of room chosen, the brand of a hospital, etc. Get in touch with us to know the cost of a knee replacement procedure in Shalby.

Knee replacement surgery Cost in India

Type of SurgeryCost in India
Total Knee replacement surgery INR 2,00,000 to 3,80,000
Partial Knee replacement surgery INR 1,50,000 to 2,20,000
Bilateral Knee replacement surgery INR 2,20,000 to 3,20,000
Revision Knee replacement surgery INR 2,00,000 to 3,10,000
Plica Excision surgeryINR 1,50,000 to 3,00, 000
Meniscus repair surgeryINR 1,80,000 to 3,20,000
ArthroscopyINR 1,80,000 
Minimally invasive knee surgeryINR 1,50,000 to 3,00, 000

Details of Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

The procedure of the knee replacement surgery is quite complicated and therefore, it is performed with a lot more precaution and medications. There are also many steps involved in it and a minimum of about 11 pre-operative procedures. They are:

  • Physical test
  • Blood tests like RBC, WBC, and hemoglobin count
  • Platelets count done by blood clotting test
  • Blood Sugar and Cholesterol test
  • Blood Pressure
  • Urine test
  • X-ray and MRI
  • ECG to test the condition of the heart 
  • Liver Function test
  • BDM or Bone Mineral Density test
  • Metabolic Rate check and KFT or Kidney Function test

However, all tests might not be mandatory in all cases. Your doctor will prescribe you all the pre-operative tests depending on your condition. 

The approximate expenses of all the basic pre-operative tests could range between INR 6,000 to INR 15,000 depending on what are the recommended tests.

The Break-up of the Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

The cost of this surgery in India includes the following:

  • Fees of surgeon
  • Anesthesiologist’s fees
  • Charges of the operating theatre (OT)
  • Charges of the assistants
  • Cost of implantation
  • Medications and injections 
  • Cost of blood (if needed)

The knee replacement surgery cost in India is much lesser when compared to other countries like the UK, the US, Canada, and Singapore. That’s the reason for a huge number of international patients coming to India to get their knee replacement surgery done in India. Besides that, India has many renowned hospitals, modern state-of-art facilities, world-class healthcare, and highly experienced surgeons.

At Shalby, we not only offer best-in-class facilities and treatment, but we also have a team of experienced, trained, and qualified surgeons and physiotherapists to perform total knee replacement and ensure fast recovery for you. Check out our website or call on our toll-free number and we will be glad to help.