Top 9 Reasons Why You Might Need a Professional Teeth Cleaning

Oral hygiene is essential for not just looks but also general health. If you fail to take care of your oral hygiene, it could lead to various dental and medical complications like a stroke, heart disease, bone loss, infection, gum disease, and so on. If you are considering getting professional teeth cleaning done, the following reasons will help convince you to schedule dental cleaning regularly.

1. Screens for Oral Cancer

One of the most important reasons why you require professional teeth cleaning every six months is because it involves oral cancer screening. The Oral Cancer Foundation reports that someone dies from oral cancer every hour in the United States alone. This is why it is crucial to get professional teeth cleaning to avoid oral cancer. Since oral cancer is highly curable if it is diagnosed early, there is no reason to avoid professional teeth cleaning.

2. Prevents Gum Disease

Another reason why getting professional teeth cleaning is a good idea is that it helps prevent gum disease, states My Dentist San Francisco’s website. The thing about gum disease is that it should not be taken lightly. It is an infection in the gum tissues which affects the bone responsible for keeping the teeth in place.

Explore the top 9 reasons why professional teeth cleaning is essential, including its crucial role in preventing gum disease, presented by PlastCare USA. It can lead to tooth loss in adults. However, you can reverse or treat its effects by getting diagnosed early on. Now, if you do not receive treatment, it would only result in serious gum disease. Through regular dental cleanings and proper oral hygiene, you get to prevent the disease altogether.

3. Aids with Good Physical Health

If you are concerned about your physical health, it is important that you seek professional teeth cleaning regularly. Studies reveal that gum disease is linked to stroke and heart attack. Poor oral hygiene is to blame for the condition. When you get dental cleaning every three to six months, you get to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. Thus, the risk of stroke and heart disease is reduced.

4. Help You Keep Your Teeth

Since gum disease is responsible for tooth loss in adults, you can keep your teeth by getting professional teeth cleaning done. If you want to keep as many of your teeth as possible, it is vital that you go for regular dental check-ups, brush your teeth twice daily, and floss your teeth.    

5. Detect Dental Problems Early On

As you might have realized by now, professional teeth cleaning helps ensure that dental problems are detected early on. Early detection of gum disease, broken fillings, and cavities is beneficial as it allows for quick treatment. On the other hand, if the problems remain untreated, you would need to opt for removal of teeth, gum surgery, and root canals. 

6. Ensures Good Oral Health

In addition to the above, professional teeth cleaning ensures good oral health. Visiting the dentist allows for good oral health. The dentist would examine your mouth and keep track of your oral hygiene to make sure that you do not fall behind. 

7. Covered by Dental Insurance

If you are worried about the cost of professional teeth cleaning, you have nothing to stress about as it is covered by dental insurance. Anyone who has a dental insurance plan would get to sit back and relax as their plan would pay for most of the cost of the dental cleanings every six months. Therefore, it makes sense to go for professional teeth cleaning rather than waiting until you have to pay for costly dental procedures.

8. Lead to the Creation of a Treatment Plan

Once the dentist detects any problems in your mouth, they would proceed with creating a treatment plan. This means that the problems that you are suffering from would be dealt with. In fact, the dentist would even provide you with different financial options so that you can accommodate the expenses.

9. Help You Achieve a Beautiful Smile

Have you always wanted a bright and white smile? Then, all you need is professional teeth cleaning. The dentist will remove tea, coffee, and tobacco stains to provide you with a beautiful shine. There is nothing better than a whiter and brighter smile. Hence, it makes sense to get professional teeth cleaning. Besides, the treatment would also prevent bad breath.


After you have finished reading the post, you would know why you might require professional teeth cleaning. From oral cancer screening to helping you achieve a gorgeous smile, the above reasons should convince you to get professional teeth cleaning done.

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