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8 Essential eCommerce Marketing Strategies for 2023

As the years go by, we’re seeing a significant rise in investments in eCommerce. Businesses the world over are getting savvy about the influence of the digital world and embracing eCommerce for all its potential. 

But with so many players, there’s bound to be fierce competition. To gain the upper hand, companies are making continuous adjustments to their strategies. As it stands today, the “one strategy” approach doesn’t work anymore. 

In order to gain the upper hand, you need to zero in on various strategies and adjust accordingly. Since every passing year brings new strategies with it, so does 2023. To help you develop a strategy for this year, here are eight eCommerce strategies you can apply:

Customer Relationship Management

If you’re running an eCommerce business, you will run into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software at one point or another. CRM includes a variety of different features that help you manage customers and business data effectively. 

Some of the most prominent features of a CRM include: 

  • Account management 
  • Order management tools 
  • Business partnership management 
  • Analytics and reporting tools 
  • Business process automation 
  • Sales management tools 

…and more. 

All of this helps you boost your operations and organize your business to reach new heights. 

Applications with Push Notifications

Taking a cue from the points mentioned above, there are plenty of benefits you can gain from using marketing technologies. Store owners with large enough budgets have used it to their advantage. 

One such method of using technology comes in the form of creating a mobile application for your store that includes push notifications on it. The notifications keep users engaged with personalized recommendations and allow them to purchase products with one click. 

Content Marketing

If you want to succeed in the digital world, content marketing is where it’s at. Blog articles, infographics, visual content, and tutorials are all great ways to engage customers toward a purchase. 

Content marketing increases brand awareness and improves conversion rates when implemented correctly. Selecting the right keywords, and integrating them into your content can prove really beneficial in giving your brand exposure. 

Because of all this, your first strategy should be to create a content strategy that focuses on delivering quality content to your readers.  

Instagram Marketing 

There is a reason why Instagram managed to replace Pinterest in giving users inspiration for purchases. Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years with influencers making people aware of new brands and trends. 

As an eCommerce store owner, you can create a catalog of your store on Instagram, give people inspiration, and lead them to your store to purchase a product. You can combine your Instagram marketing with other activities like giveaways and promotions to improve your brand. 

Facebook Advertising

As an alternative to Instagram, you can try out Facebook advertising. You can perform the same activities on Facebook as you would on Instagram. You can even segment and target your buyers based on location, age, interests, language, and customer behavior. 

Email Marketing 

There is no doubt that email marketing works. Almost everyone who purchases products online checks their emails regularly, which makes targeting through email an effective endeavor. 

Simply put, it’s the practice of sending emails that include promotions to prospective buyers. The paradigm of email marketing can include a newsletter containing your latest content pieces or simply a brochure containing coupons and introducing new products. 

Referral Marketing

Popularly known as word-of-mouth marketing, referrals are a wonderful way to gain trust and legitimacy for your site. If your product and services are great and you open up room for your customers to refer to your products, they will certainly share their experiences and recommend others. 

If you’re planning to start using referral marketing and you’re using WooCommerce for your operations, then you would find a Referral System for WooCommerce to your liking. It’s an all-in-one referrals, points, and rewards system. 

User-generated Content  

While it’s not a popular concept, user-generated content in the form of fan submissions, reviews, and ratings can give your store a significant boost. This social-proof strategy not only gives you access to new content ideas but also gives your store legitimacy. 

Don’t take our word for it. According to customer behavior studies, 67.7% of customers look for reviews before making a purchase decision. Reviews are important and it’s best you start allowing your customer to review your products.

While you might face some negative reviews, that is also beneficial in gaining product-related insights.


There is no doubt that the eCommerce industry is getting more and more profitable as the days progress. The constant changes in the digital sphere have made it tough for businesses to adapt to every new update. 

Because of this, our conclusion for this article is that with the changes happening, staying relevant is very difficult. 

For individuals entering into the market as well as established businesses, it’s imperative for both to alter their marketing strategies as the changes are happening. This helps them compete against the cut-throat competition more effectively.