How toMarket Your eCommerce Website Through Content Marketing and Instagram

Before we speak about the most effective ecommerce marketing strategies to boost your sales, we need to first talk about ecommerce itself.

The industry has taken a rocket ride ever since COVID hit the world. It seems this was the last push towards global digitization that we all thought would take a little longer than expected. The entire world is looking online for stores that can fulfill their needs; from shopping for grocery to looking for services that they would otherwise physically go to – like on-demand doctor consultation.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, the demand for online stores and culture of online-shopping was increasing rapidly. More and more companies, such as a software development company in Houston were getting clients that wanted to take their businesses and stores online asking for eCommerce website development services.

However, developing and launching your ecommerce website is one milestone; generating sales from that website is another. This is why you need to equip yourself with the knowledge about the best marketing strategies that land your ecommerce website in front of the eyes of potential customers/partners. you can buy dividend stocks and earn passive income from dividends sharing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing does not mean well-written articles, only. In an age of social media and various crazy social apps – the word ‘content’ has many meaning. By content you are looking at blogs, videos, GIFs, images, infographics, and much more.

By creating well-thought out content, you can target your audience with it on various platforms to educate them about your products and services, ultimately diverting them to your website to make the final purchase.

Content marketing is a field of its own and you can look at various successful companies to learn how they are using their content to spread brand awareness.

For starters, you can start a blog on site that includes topics that are educational and informative curated after good reasearch. Not only you get to target Google for good ranking, you are also educating people on the topic related to your services or products. Not to mention subtly promoting your own products as well.

Content, as we discussed isn’t restricted to lengthy blogs only. Short or long videos are also part of the deal and are more receptive to audience than blogs. And we all know you well a video can do when done correctly on a platform like YouTube.

So, do not miss out on creating great content (whilst promoting your products) that the audience will find useful or entertaining. Remember, Google loved content that the audience loves. So, you get the chance to rank on Google and other search engines which will boost your sales in return.


Simple. When they find your relevant content on Google as a result of their search, they will interact with it and if they found it good-enough, they will go to your website and make the purchase.

You just need to focus on search engine optimization, when creating relevant content.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram has officially become the hottest platform to promote your business. Majority of Millennials and Gen Z is looking at Instagram to shop. In fact, 65% of Instagram users are on this platform to shop. So you can imagine the gold mine this social platform is for your eCommerce business and website.

So, if you do not have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram presence, then I suggest you start right now. If you have products that are great in visual, then you just need a good camera and you are good to go. Otherwise, just be creative with how you represent your products.

The goal is to attract customers on Instagram and then send them to your website. Instagram is like an online catalog, and if the pictures are enticing, then the browsing shoppers take a look at the website for more details on the product.

However, it is a process of building your followers up, engaging them with great content and announcements and utilizing story and IGTV features to keep them hooked to your brand.

Pro Tip? Keep the posts maximum to 3 times a day with a good time gap, preferably at the peak visitor times. Next, blogger and influencer marketing is on the rise, so connect with the right blogger and collaborate. This will allow you to be introduced to their followers as well.

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