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7 Tips on How to Make Your Travel Videos Memorable

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Make Your Travel Videos Memorable

The time of carrying around a heavy camcorder is long over, yet the rules of creating excellent travel videos are still the same. According to professionals, travel videos are the toughest to edit. Viewers expect to see amazing scenes in a travel video, and a poor edit can easily ruin it.

People love watching vacation videos as long as they’re interesting. A video comprising no talk, no music, and no edits can feel flat and tasteless. There needs to be an entertainment element to your videos so that they’re remembered for longer. 

There are many formats you can adopt for creating a fantastic travel video. For example, the format of a travel video to gain traction on social media would be different from the format of a family travel video to share amongst your loved ones. Each will have different filming and editing styles.

However, irrespective of the purpose of your travel video, there are a number of things you can do to make it memorable.

How to Make a Good Travel Video?

1) Plan your video:

In video-making, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. You need to plan everything in advance so you can get an idea of what kind of video you will be shooting. Knowing your destination beforehand will aid you in planning significant elements of your video before time, which will help you get perfect clicks without wasting any time.

For example, if you plan a trip to London, you can prepare all the different shots you want, like food, monuments, cuisines, etc. You should remember to add some variety in the photos—don’t just pan at every vista; pan at different angles while you shoot.

2) Get some basic equipment:

If you want to become a travel video maker, then it is essential for you to purchase some basic equipment. 

Buy tools from which you can capture different angles. Humans always want to see things from a new perspective. Buy tripods, drones, and other equipment that will let you capture a shot from different angles and heights.

3) Make use of an online video editor:

Using an online video editor can be of great help. After taking beautiful clips, all you need to do is put them together to tell a story. While trimming your clips, try to keep each clip about 2 to 5 seconds long before moving to a different angle; this is how you create a b-roll.

Whether the shot is perfect or not, a good video editor can always make it better. With editors, you can edit the video from scratch. They offer a host of features for trimming clips, adding music, adjusting the speed, animation, and much more. It also provides wide-ranging color schemes and a library of over 4000 pre-made templates and counting. If you don’t wish to invest in a premium plan, you can also use the free version. It may have fewer stock images and templates, but the most advanced features will be available to you nevertheless.

 4) Keep it steady:

You need to avoid capturing shaky footage. To do this, first, pick your shots. Then, use a tripod, a shoulder mount rig, or a gimbal stabilizer to keep your camera steady. Now you’re ready to get professional shots.

5) Capture the light:

One of the most challenging things in photography or videography is capturing the light. Try shooting at different times of the day to get an idea of which lighting works and which does not. A thumb rule is that dawn and dusk are the golden hours of filming. Plus, you can also capture your own time-lapse video of the sun setting or rising at this time.

Early or late in the day is perfect for videography. But you do need to invest time in searching for the correct position and testing how it looks in the camera before taking the final click.

6) Get Creative:

Try being creative regardless of the type of video you create. When you take a video of something that is still, remember that you are making a video, not just taking a single picture. So, feel free to move around and let your creativity unfold. Make it unique and alluring. Let your frames tell a story.

For instance, instead of a single shot of a statue, try to move your camera around it to add motion. This will make your video look better, and viewers will also like it.

Feel free to create unique setups, flat lays, and montages. The more creative you get while taking shots, the more fun it will be to edit and go through the other tedious processes.

 To get some ideas, invest time watching different photography or travel videos. You can learn a lot from a single well-made vlog. Look at the different ways they hold the camera while speaking; look at the frames they use for different objects; look at how much time lapse they use. Observe everything that makes a video work, and once you’ve done that, experiment.

7) Practice, and practice some more:

Practice for sure makes a man perfect, especially when he’s trying to create kickass travel videos. To become a pro in creating videos, all you need is good videography skills. Everything else is taken care of by an online video editor that you trust. 

For excellent results, you need to practice capturing shots often. You can also learn from professionals in your community. Watch YouTube videos, take courses, connect with fellow video-makers. A good thumb rule is to practice whatever you learn right when you learn it. This way you won’t forget it when the time comes.

If you’re practising making travel videos, you don’t have to go to exotic locations. You can practice right at your place or while you’re going to college or work. Take clicks of your town, of your family members, or carry your camera to a friends’ get-together. Try taking different shots whenever possible.


These were some of the best tips on how to make your travel videos memorable. We hope you will use them on your next trip and capture beautiful videos. Remember, once again, practice is key!