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Top video marketing tools in 2023 – A must-watch list

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Top video marketing tools

Video marketing and video marketing tools are essential parts of marketing strategies nowadays. Consumers love seeing brand videos more rather than images on their social media platforms. The more time they spend watching the video, the higher your chance of generating good leads. According to data by Hubspot, nearly 50% of internet users look for product videos before visiting the store. About 81% of businesses use video as an essential marketing tool.

Ever since the rise of YouTube, the video marketing industry has seen rapid growth. Users on the internet prefer watching videos over blogs because videos are less time-consuming and engaging video has the power to grab the attention of internet users who are attention-deficit.

Many companies and individuals believe that the cost to produce a successful video is high and often businesses back out with the idea of producing marketing-focused videos. What if we told you that you can create powerful videos for your marketing strategies with the best video marketing tools that offer free features?

Well, you can try these free video marketing tools in 2020 to ace up your video marketing game:

1. Invideo:

It is an online video maker with over a million users in 190+ countries that helps you create professional and high-quality videos in minutes even if you haven’t created one before. This is one of the most sought video marketing tools that can help you in creating engaging videos for your audience in a professional way and help increase your brand awareness and scale your business to great heights. It is easily compatible with Windows, Chrome, and macOS as well.

2. StoryXpress

StoryXpress is a free video marketing tool that helps you Record, Upload & Analyse your videos. The tool lets you add a Call to Action to make your videos actionable and distribute them through embed links and URLs. The tool also offers a freshly designed dashboard where you can edit your videos with the built-in trim, crop, and blur features as well as view detailed analytics of your every video.

“You will find this tool enormously useful if you want to uplevel the video marketing strategy of your brand”, says Estelle Liotard, an editor, video scriptwriter, and content marketing expert at the best paper writing service.

You can download the StoryXpress Chrome extension from the Google App store for FREE. Additionally, before you start your first video recording you can also try StoryXpress’s Free Webcam test and Mic test tools. It’s Free!


Promo video maker is your one-stop free video maker for advertisements. They have thousands of video templates made to fit any type of content, ranging from short videos, social media ads, explainer videos, and everything in between, is your go-to tool. They also have more than a million images in their database that you can use for your video.

Using Promo video ad maker it’s like having an in-house design team working on all your business videos at a minimal cost. Promo will help your company stand out, target the right audience and turn them into customers with high-quality video ads.

4. VideoScribe

VideoScribe is a virtual whiteboard that makes whiteboard animations automatically. It offers thousands of images and music options, to choose from. It’s best for creating inexpensive whiteboard explainer videos. The tool is beneficial for marketers, educators, and businesses as well. The tool offers a 7-day free trial of their product.

5. Filmora

Filmora is a free video editing tool that helps adds color effects, manages brightness, and also offers many other video editing features. It has hundreds of free color effects and is the most efficient tool for making professional marketing videos. The tool offers accessibility on both Windows and Mac and is also available on the iPhone app store and Android play store with the name “FilmoraGo”.

6. Canva

Canva is one of the free and popular marketing tools, it helps you design templates for your marketing content as well as create thumbnails for your video posts. It also offers a free video maker and editor for your video marketing needs. Its built-in features help you add music to your videos with hundreds of color effects to choose from. The tool also offers free animations and stickers for your videos.