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7 Best PS4 Games, You Should Play

7 Best PS4 Games

If you love playing games on PS4 and don’t know the best ones so far. You have come to the right article. PS4 console is a great gadget to feed your hunger for games. It is HDR approved for its vivid graphics, illuminations, and 10-grade video streaming. Sony Entertainment has announced the release of PS5 by the end of the year.

That does not mean your gadget will go out of service. Moreover, you can still play creative multiplayer games and stream videos. It allows you a highlighted entertainment experience with access to more than one gaming platform.  

While games of more than one genre are available for this console. You can satisfy your love for each category.

7 Best PS4 Games, You Should Play

The list of top seven games has been compiled. For this reason, read to find out how many of these have you conquered so far: Here’s a list of 7 best PS4 games, you can play.

1. God of War

God of war is a recently released, highly advanced game. It is the continuation of the previous game series but can be played by the beginners. This third-party adventure game is the based-on action genre. Santa Monica Studio develops this Game. The main character is Katos, who must live out of the shadows of gods. The Game is based on the challengesKatos and his son Atreus will face while wandering new lands.

The quest is in a fictional place, North Wilde. They must venture through the fiery lights and threats of a strange place. Atreus’ mother is dead, and Katos will teach his son everything. They will bond together, and both characters will be with you throughout the Game. The storage of this Game is 38.73 GB and is available in stores. 

2. Last of Us Part 2

It is the continuation of the iconic Game after the Last of Us Remastered. One of the most emotional games that will fuel you to continue playing. In other words, you will be at the edge of your seats with the motivation Elle has come up with. The violence shown in this Game is graphic and epic. Last, of Us, Part 2 will have fire running through your veins. PS5 allows the continuation of this Game. It is an action-adventure game.

Naughty Dog develops this. Theuser score departmentrated this one of the best games. This time it takes to complete your journey with Elle is 25 Hours. Beat the Game in your most suitable period. It will occupy 78.3 GB of your drive. 

3. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is an offline release. This Game is released for a single player. The main character Aloy is set on a journey in a world full of machines. This hunter is eager to explore her past. Start the Game to uncover the secrets that have led to this world of chaos. Besides, once you find the unknown, there are big surprises for you.

The old school ways will win your hearts. She will face dark characters like Noah. It is a role-playing action game released by Guerilla Game publishers. The storage of this Game is 48.1 GB.  

4. Fortnite

Again, Fortnite may not be a new release, but it has been the generation’s talk. Epic Game developed this masterpiece. Also, this Game has undergone three significant developments since its initial release in 2017. All the updates are elongations of the same theme. But their presentation is thrill is entirely different.

Magical journeys are set to meet you at each level. Battle royal is the most exciting phase rated by the players. PSN Resolver can work to resolve the game uesrnames as well. All the Fortnite lovers dedicate hours to their Game. It takes up to roughly 17.56 GB per update. 

5. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man was first introduced in 2018 by Insomniac Game developers. It belongs to the action genre inspired by the oldest Marvel characters. Boy, does it give you the experience of action? You can now play your childhood fantasy of being a spider man through this Game.

PS4 enhancement is added. You get a first-hand virtual experience of swinging around the city. The same old storyline will not bore you as this one is different. It has many off-story features installed in it. It occupies 53.61 of your drives GB. 

6. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is both a single and multiplayer game. From Software Developed this Game in 2015. This Game will take you to unknown adventures. Set into dark auras, it is a challenging game. Death and gruesome killing are around every corner. It is for the lovers of dark genres.

Combined with the character’s vigilance, the graphics are unimaginable. This Game has no match. Previous gamers have loved dedicating 25.3 GB worth storage.  

7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It is an action- role-playing Game introduced by Polish developer CD. This Game has bought to life its own story based on the Witcher series written by Andrej Sapkowski. If you haven’t watched the series and want the game mode, you have access now! This Game is for you.

This gives you a chance to take the white wolf on thrilling adventures. This mutant will teach you to fight fictional characters. The side characters will equally intrigue you. Along with expansions, it takes 93GB.