6 Tools to Check Your Salesforce Email Sender Reputation

Email marketing has been proven as an important factor for creating a strong demand for products and services offered by an enterprise. On the Salesforce platform, it is usually done via marketing automation tools that integrate with your CRM. Even if you are working with a team of professionals on other channels, it’s essential that all your marketing emails reach their intended audience because email is still one of the most powerful and high-conversion tools in a marketer’s arsenal. And if it is misfiring, you are in trouble.

Email Deliverability is the core component of any email marketing campaigns for lead scoring and nurturing. It doesn’t matter how efficient your products and services are, there’s no point in sending out detailed emails if they don’t reach your prospects’ email inboxes. When it comes to the deliverability of emails, one’s primary concern should be that the sent out emails are delivered to the right audience at the right time and right address.

To ensure success in these factors, you will need to take care of your deliverability. Deliverability is concluded by whether or not your sent emails are being delivered to your customers’ inboxes. If your customers are not receiving your emails consistently, then the possibility is that your deliverability score is poor. If you want your potential customers to open and read your emails, then you need to check your Salesforce Email Sender Reputation.

What is the Email Sender Reputation?

An email sender reputation relates to a score that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to an organization’s IP address that sends an email.  It is a critical aspect of email deliverability; the higher score ensures the better likelihood of an ISP delivering your marketing emails to the inboxes of recipients on their network.

If the score falls under a particular threshold, the ISP will send the emails to the recipients’ spam folder and in many cases completely reject them. Therefore to determine whether or not your emails are being prevented or are being sent to spam folders, you will need to check your Email Sender Reputation.

There are a few factors that determine the score which contributes to your Sender Reputation:

  • The type of email sent by the organisation
  • How frequently your emails are marked as spam by the recipients
  • How frequently your emails hit the ISP’s spam trap
  • How many subscribers unsubscribe from the company’s email list
  • How are clients engaging with the email, such as opening, answering, and forwarding the mail
  • Industry blacklistings

If your emails are confirmed to be spam or other types of unrequested information, ISPs automatically block them, despite the platform you are using to send them out. Marketers also focuses on gamification in email marketing so as to enhance the email sender reputation. After analyzing the downfall in the open rate of emails, marketers can try to deliver games to the target audience.

Quiz, test and different types of surveys are examples of gamification in emails. Gamification in emails may require some hard effort and require a large amount of time to be prepared well. Some of the games can be easily developed by a marketer and a graphic design artist. However some other types of games in email will require dedicated game app developers who will be involved in delivering the best gamification in email for the targeted subscribers.

Tools to check your Salesforce Email Sender Reputation

Is your email sender reputation keeping your emails from reaching their destination? To determine whether this is happening or not, you need a method to check your sender reputation. 

Many Salesforce development companies in India are working toward the development and deployment of such efficient tools. Here are six popular, easy-to-use tools for checking your sender reputation, so that you can enhance and monitor your Salesforce CRM email campaign.

Sender Score 

You can enter an IP address or domain in the Sender Score lookup bar. It measures the health of your email program and returns with a number between 0 and 100 that identifies your Ip reputation and shows you how mailbox providers view your IP address. Mailbox providers take a lot of metrics into consideration to determine your sender reputation and the number represents how trustworthy emails from your domain appear.  

If your sender score is less than 70, you need to repair your sender reputation, or your emails are likely being bounced or not sent to the inbox folder. If your sender score is more than 70, then you have a great sender reputation. Its Blocklist Lookup feature will also tell you if your IP address is on an email blacklist.

Trusted Source

Trusted Source is a customer URL ticketing system owned by Mcafee. This online tool provides a rating across multiple types of online media.  You can check if a site is categorized within various versions of the SmartFilter Internet Database or the Webwasher URL.

This will provide you with a trust rating for both your mail server and your domain name, as well as email and web content. A trust rating determines whether your recipients trust your emails, hence whether they are likely to be delivered to them. 

Reputation Authority

ReputationAuthority by WatchGuard is a highly effective reputation service for email and web security that provides critical protection and a better performing network to businesses, ISPs, and other security vendors. With reputation authority, you will get a 0 to 100 score in percentage which implies whether or not your emails are trustworthy. It can let you explore your IP address and domain and tell if your overall reputation is good, bad or neutral. 

Additionally, it also tells how many of your emails were found acceptable and were delivered to its destination. It can further provide information regarding unwanted email and web traffic, phishing attempts, and virus threats.  

Mass Mailer Email Monitor for Salesforce

Unlike other tools in this list, Mass Mailer Email Monitor is a dedicated Salesforce email reputation manager. It is a full email deliverability suite developed for Salesforce CRM customers. It can perform four major tasks – check your email sender reputation, Identify potentially blocked content, check your emails against industry blacklists and predict whether your emails will bounce or be sent to the spam folder. Its content analysis and optimization suite, automatically fine-tune your email content for more reliable delivery. 

Talos Intelligence

Created by Cisco, Talos Intelligence will show your web reputation- good, bad or neutral. Talos Intelligence reputation lookup lets you search by IP, domain, or network owner and tells if your domain is under Talos security intelligence blacklist.

On lookup, it will provide a general idea of whether your email domain is considered to be trustworthy. It also returns your owner details, location data, weighted reputation, email volume, and email volume changes. 


BarracudaCentral provides both IP and domain reputation lookup via their Barracuda Reputation System that has a real-time database of IP addresses with good as well as poor reputations. Barracuda networks maintain a record of IP addresses for both known spammers as well as senders with good email practices. It is a quick tool to verify if your IP address is marked as “poor” on the Barracuda Reputation System and implement countermeasures to improve email sender reputation. 


With the tools mentioned above, you should be able to learn more about specific concerns you need to resolve to improve your email deliverability. We want to emphasize the fact that while these email sender reputation tools are a great help, they are not the only standard metric to determine the strength of your entire email process.

A sender domain can have a high reputation score at any of these sites and yet get their emails bounced, sent to the spam folder, or blocked outright. This indicates an issue with the point of address collection, so it’s important to know just why your email sender reputation on Salesforce is vulnerable and how to improve it.

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