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Top Reasons Why ReactJS is Ideal For Web App Development

In the last two decades, Javascript has been able to make a huge impact all over the world. In addition to that, the emergence of all the other frameworks, based on Javascript, has increased in popularity by a thousand folds.

Whenever you start to talk about this, there are certain names that do come to your mind. A few of these include Aurelia, Chaplin, Backbone, Cappuccino, Angular, Ember, and Echo. The list just goes on and on, which positively certifies the fact that Javascript frameworks exist everywhere.

There however exists another framework, which with time has achieved the top position among all its other competitors. Yes, ReactJS is being talked about.

To go deep into history, ReactJS was the creation of Jordan Walke, who was a former engineer at Facebook. For the very first time, ReactJS was deployed in the news feed of Facebook, in the year 2011. In the year 2012, ReactJS rose to popularity, with its arrival on Instagram.

In the year 2013, ReactJS became open-source for the first time. With the passing of years, its popularity continued to increase with time. Today, it is considered to be one of the most used frameworks and is used to develop the majority of applications and provide React development services to a wide array of companies. This is the reason why companies all around the world hire React developers for developing applications.

After knowing all these details, a question might be baffling you. How popular ReactJS actually is, and actually in how many applications it has been used. Well, then let me tell you, popular websites like Feedly, Airbnb, and Whatsapp have been running on ReactJS.

ReactJS basically refers to a Javascript library, and its main function of it is to build user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook, along with its huge number of community developer enthusiasts. In addition, it can also be used for creating complex user interfaces, and later breaking them down into components. Which are later used for easy configuration and tuning.

ReactJS uses the popular MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture. Model is referred to as the database, the View is the user interface, and lastly. The Controller part is that section, which connects the Model and View, with some kind of logic attached to it.

After getting to know so much information about ReactJS architecture. You might want to know about the points that make ReactJS ideal for app development. The following points and details will help you develop a better idea of ReactJS as a tool for developing apps and how a React development company can benefit from making use of it.

Why is ReactJS the perfect choice?

Top Reasons Why ReactJS is Ideal For Web App Development

Development is Drastically Simpler

The ReactJS framework only caters to the ‘View’, in the Model-View-Controller (MVC) model. This very characteristic makes ReactJS an extremely uncomplicated framework to understand and work with.

However, you do need knowledge about and experience with Javascript. You must always tend to be well-versed in its basic functionalities. In addition to all that, you also have the luxury of accessing the tutorial library. Just in case you come across a problem as a developer or a learner.

It is Javascript Friendly

As mentioned in the earlier section, ReactJS had its origin on Facebook. Here, to add to that, Facebook allows the use of a syntax extension for ReactJS, which is referred to as JSX. This syntax helps to mash up the functionalities of Javascript and HTML.

While creating a high-volume application, the above feature will prove to be immensely useful. As a developer, you now have the ability to create separate individual components and then combine them together. This drastically brings down the effort required to develop a high-volume application.

It is an Open-Source Library

This fact cannot be denied that being an open-source library comes with a huge set of benefits of its own. There exists a large number of developers and technology enthusiasts around the world, who are constantly putting in work so that the ReactJS framework can be better.

Moreover, there is no restriction, as far as the templates created by these developers go. ReactJS, having an open-source library, makes it possible for developers to constantly update it whenever needed for the purpose of developing mobile and web applications.

It Gets Rendered Natively

Unlike many other popular frameworks, ReactJS always tends to employ native components to render a particular application. Now, this has advantages of its own, the most significant being the fact that this process provides the application with a unique rendering process. And also bestows upon you an intimate feel when the particular app gets finally deployed.

In addition, after the release of the application, as soon as a user comes in contact with it. The particular component of the application that the user interacts with gets re-rendered, and not the entire page. This advantage lets the application gets processed in such a manner, that a huge amount of rendering time gets saved. This, in turn, lets the application be quicker and smoother to respond.

It is focused on the UI

This point has been talked about earlier in the blog. This feature is being repeated again so that you can get to know about it in further detail. ReactJS is UI-centric, which is not a point that you should ever let slip your mind.

At the very beginning, it is crucial that you are aware of the fact that a particular user interface can be very easily broken down into a number of components. It provides a drastic boost to the ability of developers to create an application with a complex structure while focusing on one component at a time.


You must always remember, that even though ReactJS is already huge, it is also considered the next big thing. The most valuable possessions of this framework are its UI-friendly nature. Its speed and ability to make designing responsive applications easier for developers.