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5 Benefits of Advanced Laser Spine Surgery in Florida

laser spine surgery
Laser Spine Surgery

Chronic neck and back pain could be something that affects our daily day-to-day activities and lessens our productivity.

That is where advanced laser spine surgery in Florida comes in. Here are the benefits you can get from the procedure.

Takes less time

Traditional surgery usually takes hours, but with laser spine surgery, the whole procedure would only take you about an hour. Since they are not going to be spending their time cutting through your muscles and stitching it back together. 

But you are going to have to have prep time and recovery time. So that the surgeon could make sure that you are recovering well. You are going to have to stay for a few while they observe you before you are free to go.

Less traumatic

Laser spine surgery is far less traumatic compared to traditional spine surgery. Because your body would not have to go under so much stress (or more than usual) and you would lose less blood. 

Small incision

Laser spine surgery would only need one small incision, compared to the traditional spine surgery where they are going to have to cut through your muscle layers so that they could read your spine. They are going to use specialized tools that would be able to move your muscles aside gently. So they won’t have to stitch your muscles back together after the procedure.

No need for general anesthesia

The only anesthesia that is going to be used on you is local anesthesia. So that you would not feel the pain. You can also choose to be sedated for the whole procedure if you feel anxious. 

You may still feel a bit drowsy when you wake up. So you have to ask someone before the procedure to drive you back home. 

Compared to the traditional surgery where you are going to have to go through general anesthesia for the whole operation, laser spine surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. 

This means you could go back home the same day and you would not have to stay overnight.

Quick recovery

You would usually be able to go back to your normal everyday routine with laser spine surgery. 

Unlike traditional spine surgery where you would have to take 4 to 6 weeks off of work. You would usually be able to return to driving and go to physical therapy 2 days after your surgery, be able to do easy activities and do non-strenuous work after 2 weeks, and go back to your normal activities on 4 to 6 weeks.

How Effective is Laser Spine Surgery in Florida?

Laser back surgery uses a laser to remove some of the portions of the tissue on your spinal cord and your nerves. But this is only really reliable and appropriate on certain conditions where your nerve is being compressed, which is causing you pain.

What to expect?

Pain and discomfort is what you may usually feel when there is pressure. That placed on a nerve, and that is what laser spine surgery is trying to fix. Usually, the thing that is causing the compression is the herniated disc or a bone spur. 

The lasers in laser spine surgery would be able to help in decompressing the nerve to relieve the pain. The procedure done under local anesthesia so you won’t be able to feel much of the skin. That is surrounding the muscles because it would be numbed.

There is going to a small probe, then a laser would then passed into the core of the disc that is being affected. With the help of imaging technology, you would be able to carefully remove the tissue that is pressing on your nerve.

Recovery time

The whole recovery time would depend on the person since every individual undergoes a specific procedure. That catered to them and their bodies all react differently. 

There are some people who could recover relatively quickly and go back to doing their normal day-to-day activities. While there are some people who would need more time before they could bounce back up. 

Usually, with traditional surgery, you are going to require to stay in the hospital after the surgery and the whole recovery process may even take many weeks. But laser back surgery has a much faster recovery time. 

If you are feeling constant back pain that doesn’t seem to disappear, and chronic neck pain that constantly comes in and out, having a negative effect on your day-to-day routines and productivity, then you could consult with your surgeon and see if you are in need of laser spine surgery.