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3 Reasons You Need WordPress SEO Services This Year

Are you trying to get more traffic to your WordPress website or online store but struggling to make any headway? There are a few good reasons for that, most of which revolve around the fact. That every year it becomes more difficult to rank in Google if you don’t have a solid strategy in place. Below you will find some important information on why WordPress SEO services offer the best way forward in terms of increasing your traffic and sales. Especially if you are an eCommerce business that wants to invest in long-term growth.

The Upcoming Google User Experience Update

There’s never been a better time to seriously invest in your WordPress SEO. You already aware of the fact that Google is pushing a massive algorithm update this year, in May of 2021. Which will prioritise user experience like never before. This could be the final blow to all of the old-school ranking tactics that were popularised a decade ago.

This new Google update will force you to pay as much attention as possible to the experience. That you are providing for your users. Everything from loading speeds to the layout shifts that occur when your website is loading in. To the mobile experience and how your chosen focus keywords relate to the content. That you offer will all come into play here.

If you don’t have a rock-solid SEO foundation and a professional strategy in place. Things might turn even worse for your organic traffic numbers if you don’t act accordingly.

Organic Traffic Isn’t Getting Any Easier

This ties into the fact that organic traffic just isn’t as easy to get as it once was. Getting those top spots in Google is becoming increasingly more difficult. And as users become savvier in terms of their shopping and browsing habits. They aren’t exploring the second page much anymore. This means that if you don’t rank on page one and in a great position for your most important products and services. You are simply not going to get that much traffic.

More Competition Than Ever

More eCommerce businesses and websites in general pop up every day. How do you help your WordPress website stand out and actually draw in users? WordPress SEO services are one of the only viable paths forward if you intend on getting more traffic and sales.

There are also no signs of this competition surge slowing down. We’re experiencing a shift in the global economy, with more people than ever starting their own little eCommerce businesses. Along with tons of other entrepreneurs and stars opening up their own personal clothing lines and eCommerce shops to promote their merchandise. No matter what industry you are in, expect stiff competition going forward.

If you want to actually improve your business and be prepared for the future. You need a digital marketing plan that is not only aggressive, but smart as well. This is why you will want to consider an agency such as Genius eCommerce® for your WordPress SEO services. They are a skilled eCommerce marketing agency that has experience when it comes to ranking online stores.

Your business can’t afford an outdated or lukewarm marketing approach. Genius eCommerce® will help you develop a sound strategy, so you can give your website the boost. It needs to compete even as your industry gets more saturated.