Types of Business Consulting: Improve Your Business Performance

Hiring a business consultancy is one of the best solutions to overcome management challenges. After all, a manager needs to understand different areas of knowledge – marketing, finance, human resources, logistics, etc. – but it is not always possible to control all the processes that they involve within a company.

Then, a consultant brings specific knowledge about these areas to management to improve business performance. For this, there are different types of business consultancy, oriented to each sector, with the aim of optimizing processes.

If you are interested in hiring a business consultancy, understand now how it works and what types you can hire:

How does a business consultancy work?

A company works like a big mechanism, whose parts need to be aligned to work well. If one of the parts – or areas of the company – has a problem, it affects the performance of the entire structure.

The business consultancy, then, acts to analyze the business situation, identify problems and opportunities and propose improvements to optimize the functioning of this mechanism. In this way, the company is able to realign its strategies and operations to achieve success.

In general, business consultancy works with the following steps:

  • Diagnosis (data collection, process analysis, SWOT analysis);
  • Action plan (definition of actions, deadlines and responsible persons, 5W2H and PDCA methodology);
  • Implementation (execution of actions with support from managers);
  • Follow-up (monitoring of results, meetings, reviews, readjustments);
  • Conclusion (measurement of results and finalization of the contract).

In this process, the consultancy functions as an advice to managers, who trust the consultant’s knowledge? In general, this professional has extensive experience in the market and complete training in the area, in addition to successful cases that corroborate his performance in consulting companies.

However, not all cases involve consulting in the execution of strategies. Often, the consultant’s role is only to direct the organization and leave decision-making and application of proposals to the company. Therefore, the consultancy can be a temporary project, so that the company can walk on its own in the future.

6 types of business consultancy to improve your business

The consulting business can act in different business areas. Let’s see now the 6 main types you can hire:

1. Business management consultancy

First, a consultancy can assist in business management as a whole. In this process, the consultant must investigate the management methods and point out solutions for the managers. It is not focused on an area of ​​the company, but the consultancy can identify problems in an industry and indicate a specific job for it.

2. Financial advice

Financial management is crucial for the survival of the business, but it is one of the areas that presents the most difficulties. In this case, the consultant identifies the flaws and points out improvements in financial planning, cash flow records, income statements (DRE) and methods of financial control . Thus, the organization of finance enables the success of the business.

3. Marketing consultancy

This type of business consultancy involves a thorough analysis of the market, to understand the scenario in which the company operates, and a study on the current situation of the business. Thus, the consultant can define the most appropriate strategies for positioning, pricing, product portfolio, merchandising, communication, sales channels, among other points that make the company stand out from the public and competitors.

4. Human resources consultancy

A business consultancy focused on human resources generates productivity gains. The consultant proposes improvements that impact the work environment, employee satisfaction, hiring and retaining talent. Thus, the company tends to have motivated employees who are aligned with the organizational culture, which brings much more results.

5. Sales consultancy

The intention of a sales consultancy is to increase the volume of conversions, the average ticket, the productivity of the salespeople and, thus, to leverage the company’s commercial area. For this, the consultant can help to hire the best talents, define sales processes, train professionals to improve their performance and create motivation strategies for them.

6. Logistics consultancy

Logistics consulting shows how a company can better manage its purchasing, inventory and product distribution activities. This is essential to reduce costs, increase the quality of processes and improve the operational efficiency of the business.

So, in which of these sectors do you think your company would need business consulting? This can be an opportunity to correct the company’s problems and bottlenecks that are affecting its profitability.

However, you do not have to wait for any area to fail to hire a consultant. Often, successful companies are the ones that harvest the most prepared, as they have a better structure to absorb transformations.

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Posted by: Abdul Rimaaz

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