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Young Couple Tour to the Holy Places – What you need to Know?

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Going on a spiritual journey with your partner has no comparison with any other almanzil vacation, no matter how much you enjoy it there! It’s the utmost desire of every Muslim to see or touch the green net of Roza e Rasool and kiss the Hajra e Aswad. There is no better feeling when you do it with your life partner as our beloved Prophet PBUH declared Nikkah (marriage) half of the religion.

If Allah SWT gifts you the ziayart of His house, without any hesitation choose 21 days young couple Umrah packages from Karachi which are specially designed for young couples.

No matter how much time we get to the Holy land seems less but our 21 days Umrah package is ideal in many aspects. It’s economical, offers plenty of days to stay, combines ideal amenities, provides appreciated services, and much more. Young couples from Pakistan can plan their Umrah trip any time of the year. It is recommended to book your 21-day Umrah package in advance to grab the cheapest flights, hotels, and tickets. But it doesn’t mean our last-minute package grabbers will not get the bounties.

For us, each and every client means a lot and we try our best to provide you finest services to make your Umrah voyage an exceptional trip. Pilgrims can book their Umrah package from various cities in Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and more.

For young couples, Fatima Travels is the right destination to choose for 21 days Umrah package where you can get every information from airlines to air tickets, and visa obtaining to booking with top-notch hotels. It’s your first time? No need to worry, Fatima Travels got you covered. 

Our Umrah packages are designed in a way that caters to all your traveling matters and planning of your holy trip from your home to reach Makkah and return back to your homeland. Our company aims to ensure our client’s comfort and safety throughout the spiritual trip.

What is included What Not in Tour Package?

21 days young couple Umrah package is designed by our highly qualified professionals who keep customer satisfaction in mind every time they create something for you. The stunning package can easily fit every class of financial affordability. Along with our basic services, we provide additional services to make your Umrah trip an unforgettable experience. Our 21 days Umrah package includes:

Umrah Visa:

You don’t have to go through complicated processes. Provide us with your valid passport and necessary documents and leave the rest to us. Our agents will do the processing to get a visa for you. Once everything gets done they will handover it over to you.

Umrah Ticket Booking:

We book your flight tickets for you with leading airlines. Fatima Travels is associated with all major airlines working in Pakistan that provide options to our clients to fly with their favorite one. Just like visas, your tickets will deliver to your doorsteps.

Hotel Accommodation in Makkah:

Makkah is the major place where all rituals of Umrah take place. Your total of 21 days will be divided into two halves. First, you’ll spend 11 days in Makkah at one of our many associated hotels. Fatima Travels hold excellent business relationships with leading hotels in Makkah. We try to arrange your accommodation at the nearest hotels to Holy Haram so our pilgrims don’t have to walk much.

Hotel Accommodation in Madinah:

Though Umrah has no official ritual that needs to perform in Madinah it’s our Prophet’s city so how it’s possible for Muslims to not visit it? During your spiritual stay in Madina. You’ll become guests of the top-notch hotel near the Masjid e Nabwi or Prophet’s House. Here you’ll spend the rest of the 10 days of your 21 days Umrah package.

Meet and Assist at the Airport:

The moment you reach the sacred land. One of our agents to go abroad at a minimal cost will already be there to pick you up. We understand that moving to an unfamiliar land is not very pleasing. That’s why we welcome you at the airport and provide assistance till you reach your hotel. Our good business relation with local transporters allows us to make systematic transport arrangements for you.

Ziyarat Tours in Makkah and Madinah:

Ziyarat means visiting some sacred place in respect. Both holy cities are filled with distinctive Islamic landmarks that pilgrims die to visit.  Fatima Travels can arrange ziyarat for you at an additional cost because it is not an official part of Umrah. You can discuss the sacred places you want to visit during Umrah.

Ziyarat in Makkah:

There are plenty of historical places with Muslims affiliated emotionally located in Makkah. When you’re in the most sacred city on earth, don’t forget to visit notorious places like Masjid e Al Haram, Ayesha Mosque (the second largest mosque in Makkah), Janat Al Maula (Cemetery in Makkah), Jabal-Al-Rahma, Cave of Hira, Jabal e Thawr, Birthplace of Holy Prophet, Mount Abu Qubais, Masjid e Jinn, Muzdalifah and National Library of Makkah.

Ziyarat in Madinah: Madinah is a beautiful city, full of Islamic historical places that you should need to visit during your Umrah trip. The most famous places to ziyarat in Madinah include Masjid e Nabwi, Roza Mubarak, Masjid e Quba, Riyaad-ul-Jannah, Masjid e Jummah, Masjid e Qiblatain, Masjid e Abu Bakr, Masjid e Bilal, Bir Usman, Jannat-ul-Baqi and Wadi e Jin or Wadi e Al Baida.

Why Choose Trusted Travel Organization?

A reliable Umrah travel company guarantees a great journey. Fatima Travels is the most trusted name that we made after years of hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction. We are now the leading travel agency in Pakistan, facilitating our clients with affordable flights, flawless services, and guaranteed satisfaction, all at very affordable prices.

Whether you want to perform holy Umrah or plan a vacation with your family. Fatima Travel is the only name where you’ll get everything systematically. We aim to bestow as much satisfaction to our clients as we can at the minimal possible prices. Feel free to call us to discuss Umrah or vacation plans.