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What to Pack for A Weekend Getaway (Hint: It’s the Basics)

What to Pack for A Weekend Getaway

What is the worst thing about traveling? No, not the long lines at the airport. No, not the middle seat in the aircraft. No, not the price of mediocre airport food. Okay, these are all some things we love to hate, but one of the things that make us anxious about traveling is packing!

We must take into consideration things like weather and the activities we intend to undertake while traveling. However, other questions often pop into our heads too! “What if I don’t feel like wearing this”? “Should I carry two different options for the same day”? “How many books should I carry”? These questions can be endless, so we recommend you lighten your baggage by carrying only a few essentials, some of which can do double-duty. 


Yes, you read that right! Flashlights may not be the first thing you think of when you think of what to pack for a weekend getaway, but trust us, you’ll never regret carrying one with you.

Keeping a flashlight handy is helpful in several situations. For instance, you may find yourself waiting for a cab late at night, or you may find yourself walking around downtown long after the stores have shut. Being equipped with a flashlight will prevent you from stepping into puddles and feeling safe. 

If you are concerned about the weight of a flashlight, don’t be! Some of the brightest flashlights come in manageable sizes. You can slip them in your bag or pocket, or even attach them to a keychain. 

When you are considering getting the brightest flashlight, also consider the weight, a compact size, and if the light is rechargeable. That way you will have it at hand when you need it, but at other times, you won’t be weighed down by it. 

Comfortable Shoes

When you may have to dress differently for different occasions, it is natural to think that each outfit needs a different kind of footwear. However, we recommend simply carrying one pair of flats. These could be sneaker style or slip-on. It is not only absolutely okay to wear flats with most clothing, but it is also stylish to do so. 

Dress shoes take up a lot of space in your weekend bag. Chances are, you also do not want to check in your bag if you are flying to your destination. Pack a pair of flip flops to relax in your hotel and wear a pair of flats that can take you from the airport to the downtown. 

To be safe, select a pair of flats that also look good. Colors like silver, gray, and white are neutral enough to go with your clothes and solid enough to stand out by themselves. 

Multi-Port Charger

If there is one thing you don’t want to lose when you are traveling, it is a connection with home. From keeping loved ones aware of your whereabouts to contacting your bank for emergency information, to finding your way about in a new place, your phone or tablet should always be charged.

A multi-port charger is a great tool to carry with you. It gives you the convenience of being able to charge multiple devices with one source. Sometimes you may find yourself in places where there aren’t enough power outlets, or they aren’t placed strategically enough. A multi-port charger will ensure all your devices are always charged and ready for use whenever you need it. 

Prescription and Emergency Medication

While you may be tempted to carry all sorts of medications and build yourself a mini first aid kit, we recommend you don’t go overboard. For example, there is no need to carry cold medication if you aren’t feeling under the weather. You can simply purchase them at your destination should you need them. 

Instead, carry along your prescription medication and a few basic items such as Band-Aid and emergency pain medication. 

It is natural to want to be prepared for any eventualities while on the road, but trust us, most of us are over-preparing. Don’t be weighed down by the extra weight of items that you will end up not using. 

This will also help you keep some space available for the souvenirs you are sure to pick up on your way back. You will not remember what you wore to the museum, but you will always remember if the walk around it was painful because your footwear was uncomfortable.