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Why You Need Unique Plastic Chocolate Boxes

Why You Need Unique Plastic Chocolate Packaging

The food industry is the fastest growing industry due to the rising living standard globally and the rising global population. Thus there have been more and more innovations and developments in the sweets packaging business as well, and they are all designed by manufacturers to boost their sales.

Chocolate is an example of processed food that can be easily bought from the nearest market and is widely consumed all around the world. That is why you can find people selling assorted chocolates in nearly every market that you visit.

The popularity and growth of this particular type of food rest on the agreeable taste/ pleasing flavors, and the fact that chocolate is associated with so many important occasions and events such as Valentine’s day. But more than those, packaging also has bearing on its boom. Packaging with strong visual appeals plays a big role either in impulse purchases or in gift selections.

Let’s have a deeper look at the structure and design of these boxes to help us better understand the role played by them in the success of the chocolate industry.

Chocolate Packaging

You must have seen various chocolate packaging being used on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, marriage anniversaries, Easter, farewell, Diwali, etc. Chocolates are classical and must-have snacks/favors and of course can be seen in daily life as well.

If you have seen these boxes, it will be easier to understand for you what we are talking about. There are many designs and types of boxes used by chocolate firms today. In terms of material, there are cardboard chocolate boxes, tin boxes, plastic chocolate boxes, etc. In shapes, there are round boxes, rectangular, square boxes, and especially, heart-shaped chocolate boxes considering their special connotations.

Either type of box has its specific advantages and is all used quite heavily to well suit certain purposes (after all, there is so a huge amount of ongoing consumption from largely diverse demographics!). We will be looking at how they are designed later on.

Significance of using unique plastic chocolate boxes

Why You Need Unique Plastic Chocolate Packaging

There are several advantages of using these boxes that will help any firm operating in the food industry. We have made a list of some of these factors to help you better understand the role of these boxes in effectively presenting the items to any customer.

⮞ They can be custom designed

The most liberal custom design involves setting up new molds, where you can create packaging boxes absolutely tailored to your specific needs. This will offer you the perfect packaging solution if you demand a quite big quantity regularly. Otherwise, the mold cost and the initial lead time would not be so pocket friendly.

However, if you are not in a situation of a bulk demand, you can just choose from a wide range of existing models and customize them by pad printing, color combination, inserting some paper slips, etc. You can use a wide variety of techniques to make the boxes look more attractive and compelling. This will help you to make more sales and create a better impression on the customer.

You can use a wide variety of colors, typography techniques, textures, and many other creative designs to make your boxes more eye-catching and unique. This way you’ll still have the ability to set these boxes apart from other means of wrapping.

⮞ They offer better protection to the items

When we are talking about food, we need to be very conscious of this factor. We need to have a box that is well suited to the task of packaging food. These boxes are made of food-grade plastics. That not only allows them to contain and protect the chocolates from tumbling out or dust but also keeps them from being spoiled by water.

You can even make them airtight and waterproof if you wish to. That will allow you to provide complete protection to these boxes. Some may say that plastics leach out hazardous Bisphenol-A. For direct-food-contact containers, never use BPA-suspicious plastics like polycarbonate or other non-proven materials.

⮞ They can be reused

Unlike cardboard boxes, the mission of these well-manufactured plastic boxes should never end with the consumption of chocolates. They can be re-purposed for containing other food or gifts, or even as desktop plant pots. They are actually still new containers and should not be discarded. Probably the unique design will discourage you from doing so, as they are cute, beautiful, and of premium quality.

⮞ They are recyclable

This is also very important to take note of. More than 40% of global waste comes from food packing. That is because we discard the packages after we consume the food. And we consume a lot of food. That has led to a very high amount of trash getting dumped in landfills, seas, and rivers. That has played a very significant role in increasing pollution and the threat to our environment.

That is why we have to take a look at our waste production and manage it. These quality clear plastic boxes can be easily recycled. So they do not form waste materials with proper disposal and can be a form of green packaging. If you use these boxes, you can easily consume your chocolates, free of guilt.

⮞ They are affordable

In any industry, the cost matters a lot. That is why you should make sure that the production costs are kept as low as possible. These boxes are made simply and cheaply, especially when you go with our existing models. They are highly popular in the industry due to; you do not have to buy expensive materials or bother about hiring too many workers.

The boxes come simply out of robotized injection machines in terms of mass production and do not require much effort or money. If you cannot make them, you can easily buy them at wholesale prices from any online suppliers. That will also help you to reduce your costs and get the advantage of using these boxes.

These are the four main reasons why we can say that these mini chocolate boxes are so important for the industry. They reflect a perfect material in which we can package and sell our food items. And that is why many manufacturers use these plastic candy boxes, and their designs for their packaging needs as well.