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Why startups are increasingly choosing Node.js for their projects?

increasingly choosing Node.js for their projects

It is pleasant to realize that there is at least something unshakable and unchanging in a world that seems to change every second. For example, the change of seasons, sunrise and sunset, and, of course, the leadership of JavaScript and decisions based on it in the popularity lists.

Significantly, JavaScript and related forks, web frameworks, libraries, and development environments have been steadily in the top three for many years. Moreover, the “neighbors” can change — at the end of 2021, these are Python and TypeScript — but JavaScript invariably remains in the favorites. Stability is a sign of skill.

To understand what this leadership means in practice, let’s turn to statistics:

In 2020, 24.5 million software developers were working worldwide. Of these, 64.96% prefer to work with JavaScript and its derivatives.

It’s no surprise that the V8-based Node.js software platform is so popular with startups. After all, Node.js turns JavaScript into a general-use language. That is, it provides applications based on it with almost unlimited universality.

increasingly choosing Node.js for their projects

What’s not to love?!

Hundreds of new, very diverse startups appear every day in a wide variety of areas of human activity. Moreover, their dynamics are increasing exponentially. Consequently, with all the differences, they all have one most important common feature. The speed of creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and attracting investors is a determining factor for them. This is why startup owners so often hire Node.JS developers. After all, this development environment can simultaneously guarantee a high speed of obtaining an MVP, good quality, and comparative financial affordability.

The scope of Node.js is so enormous that just listing the world-famous companies using this solution would make a huge list. Here are just a few of them:

  • PayPal;
  • Wall Street Journal;
  • Netflix;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Uber.

The variety of areas in which Node.js delivers the best results attests to the versatility of Node.js web apps.

Wherever you need to work quickly with many concurrent requests, stable operation in real-time, and constant growth in productivity, Node.js turns out to be an indispensable solution.

In particular, it is impossible to imagine a thriving marketplace or online store that does not use one or another Node.js web app. In other words, Node.js is an integral part and, even more so — the foundation of modern eCommerce. Check out the complete guide of eCommerce web development and learn more about the guaranteed benefits Node.js brings to your business through flexible architecture, cross-platform, and easy scalability.

increasingly choosing Node.js for their projects

The set of benefits

Summarizing the answer to the question “Why are startups increasingly choosing Node.js for their projects?” in one sentence, then it will sound short and succinct. “Because this development environment is a real set of benefits for any new IT project. Especially in an environment where development time and budget are extremely limited.”

However, let’s dig a little deeper.

First of all, due to the widespread prevalence of the JavaScript language, finding a programmer who owns it and the tools based on it is much easier than, say, an expert in exotic Clojure or F#. And the cost of his services certainly does not compare with their sky-high fees.

Therefore, if you’ve got a billion-dollar business idea but do not have an experienced web developer. You need outsourcing experts from a company with a high international reputation and an impressive history of success. In particular, a contract with such a company as QArea will be the ideal solution from all points of view.

Secondly, the comparative clarity of Node.js’ syntax, logic, and architecture of Node.js allows a person with even basic knowledge of programming to get comfortable with the basics of this development environment relatively quickly. As the leading actor in your project. This means that you will be able to competently and effectively form a team and independently control each stage. After all, the correct distribution of roles and responsibilities in startups is the right way to grow a real unicorn.

Once again about the crucial things

The most obvious benefits that make Node.js the top choice for the vast majority of startups we’ve discussed above. Now is the time to list a few more essential factors.

  • The architecture of this development environment allows you to use the same stack for front-end and back-end Node.js web app development.
  • Node.js has arguably the largest repository of native plugins among the competition, a significant portion of which are free.
  • Due to the prevalence of this solution (in the USA alone, more than 22 thousand websites use Node.js), the international developer community is huge. You can always rely upon the help and support of your colleagues.