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Why Choose An Everpure Water Filter System?

Why Choose An Everpure Water Filter System

Water filtration has become almost essential for homeowners. Between the risks posed by old water transportation infrastructure and the constant news about sources of water pollution. Many homeowners choose to complete a final level of filtration at home before consuming their drinking water. One of the best ways to filter water at home is using an Everpure water filter system. These powerful filters offer homeowners the convenience of having crisp, filtered water available on demand year round.

How Do They Work?

Why Choose An Everpure Water Filter System

Everpure water filter systems are installed under your kitchen sink against the inside wall of the cabinet. The filter head screwed into the side of the cabinet, leaving enough room to swap the large metal filter cartridges. Using a specially designed adapter, water is taken from your sink’s cold water side and deviated to the filter. Once it passes through the cartridge’s Micro-Pure filter media, it is then delivered using a small faucet.

These systems are easy to install using only a few basic hand tools. If you do not want to add a hole to your sink or counter for the installation of a filtered water dispense. Everpure also makes systems that dispense filtered water using the cold water side of your existing faucet.

What About My Pitcher Water Filter?

When it comes to home filtration, most homeowners believe they already covered by their filtered water pitcher. These large plastic pitchers are one of the most popular home filtration systems worldwide, but they leave a lot to desire.

Because the water’s weight is all that is pushing it through the filtration cartridge, the media has to be loosely packed. This results in poor filtration and a smaller capacity than systems like Everpure filters. The average pitcher filter can only filter about 40 gallons of water effectively. Though water will continue to pass through the filters after this point, receiving little filtration.

Everpure Filter Cartridges

The secret to Everpure’s filter systems are their cartridges. These cartridges built to offer incredible filtration, removing particles as small as half a micron in size. That is 100 times smaller than the width of a human hair! Their effectiveness is due to a combination of high quality filtration media and the fact that Everpure water filter systems hook directly into your water line.

Home water pressure should ideally fall in the range of 60 to 80 pounds per square inch. The normal air pressure at sea level is only 14 psi, meaning that your home water line is able to apply over 5 times the pressure that a filter pitcher would use. This means that the media inside the filter cartridges can be packed much tighter to ensure that water is adequately filtered. The increased size of these cartridges also helps them last significantly longer than pitcher filters.

The lowest capacity Everpure filter cartridge can filter 300 gallons of water. And they offer several options that can filter several thousands of gallons of water per cartridge. All filters should changed at least once per year to ensure the best quality drinking water. The process of changing an Everpure filter is as quick and easy as changing a lightbulb. So, you never have to go without the convenience of having clean water available whenever you need it.

To find an Everpure water filter system for your home, visit Their team of filtration specialists have helped countless homeowners find an amazing option to add to their home.