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How to Fold Our Macaron Cookie Boxes?

Cookie boxes with windows are a pretty amazing type of packaging to pack various kinds of biscuits. When it comes to macarons, these packages can do wonders. Many businesses like to get these packages manufactured in the house because the products are mostly homemade as well. There are many ways of making in, so we are going to give you a step-by-step guide to making one of them.

cookie boxes

Get the desired material quality

To fold the macaron cookie boxesthe first thing in this process is to decide what materials you want. Many types of materials can be selected in this regard. But we recommend choosing the cardboard sheet. This is because it is economical, and solid, and enhances the persona of these products in an alluring way. Now you need to get the cardboard sheet in good quality.

This is because your goods are going to be judged by the standard of their packaging. For this purpose, you can buy a sheet that has a higher thickness. That is an excellent way to control the quality of your package. Due to this wall of the package will not bend.

Decide about the size

This is a big step in the manufacturing process of these packages. You are going to decide on the size of your packaging. This mostly depends on you’re the number of items you want to place inside. Moreover, it is dependent on the size of your products as well.

Many people like to have bigger ones to adjust their goods appropriately. Let us suppose you want to have the size package that is 20 cm long, 5 cm wide, and 5 cm high. To make that package, you are going to need a big sheet.

Pay attention to the Designing

Now you have to get that sheet. So before buying it for macaron custom cookie boxes, you should decide which design you need. This can be done by choosing the color of the sheet that can enhance the appearance of the package.

You can choose among different ones that have various types of illustrations. But you should not be limited to that. You can get it printed according to your desire after purchasing it as well. Customization looks adorable on these types of packages. So, do consider this step pretty important in this regard.

Arrange the required tools and materials

Many people forget to gather the necessary tools before they start. When they do, they are stuck in the middle of the process. All the manufacturing gets disturbed. But do not worry about that. This is because we have some amazing tips for you in this regard.

Things you are going to require are listed here. A scissor, tape, glue, scale, pencil, cardboard sheets, and decorative materials if required. That is everything you are going to need to make these packages.

Draw lines on a cardboard sheet

As the first functional step arrives, you need to mark lines on the sheet for making macaron cookie boxes. Draw 5 rectangles of 20 cm in length and 5 cm in width side by side. Do not leave any space between the rectangles. Place the sheet in front of you in a way that the long sides of the rectangles are facing you.

Now draw a rectangle of about 2.5 cm along with the rectangle on your right side. Now you have to draw a square of 5 cm on the upper side of 2nd last rectangle from your left. Draw this square of 2.5 cm on the upper and lower side of 2nd last rectangle. If you want to have a window on the lid. You can mark a 7 cm long and 2 cm wide rectangle inside the 2nd the last rectangle from your right side. When done, you can move to the next step.

Cut the unnecessary pieces

In this step, you are going to use your artistic skills. This means you are going to cut the unnecessary parts of the sheet. All the parts of the sheet that are outside the marked lines should be cut precisely. If you want to make a window, then cut the inner rectangle of 7 X 2 cm that was made in the 2nd the last rectangle. Now is the time for the next stage.

Folding should be done precisely

Here comes the most amazing task of the manufacturing process. Make folds from the lines made and fold the sheet up to 90 degrees. Make the 2nd last rectangle from the left side of the base and fold all other sides accordingly. Like all the rectangles should be folded to 90 degrees which will make the shape of the package.

Gluing is vital

In this step, you are going to fix those folds with the use of glue. Glue every edge of the fold and stick it with the other one. Just leave the edges of the upper side folds that are going to be used as a lid. Tape it so it can stay in shape while the glue dries. Lift the tape after the glue has dried.

Placing inserts

This step is optional for many people. If you want to provide a luxurious look, you can go on this stage. You can cut 5 cm square cards from the sheet. And then place them inside macaron custom cookie boxes after gluing them from 3 sides. You can insert according to the items you want to place. But remember to use a scale to be precise in making the distance between all the compartments.

Macron cookie boxes with windows are pretty amazing to package these delicate items. They can be found easily in the market, but that will not be a proper representation of your value. That is why we have concluded the aforementioned steps that can be helpful in this regard.