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What is an SEO consultation for? here is what you need to know

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Today ‘online’ has basically become a synonym for ‘business’. Anyone who has a business, sells a product or offers a service – nationally, locally or internationally – needs an online showcase for exposure.

It is said that what is not found on Google does not exist, and perhaps it is really so: anyone who has a business also needs to be present on search engines in order to be easily found by those who need it.

But how to be easily found on search engines? Doing it is a complex activity for which you cannot improvise, this is what SEO experts are used for and therefore SEO consultancy is recommended.

If you noticed that your website or e-commerce has not received visitors in the last few months, the contents are not viral, in short, the metrics have dropped sharply and you are likely to go lower and lower in the Google SERP, probably The time has come to consider the advantages of a personalized SEO consultancy that can map your weaknesses and suggest strategies to recover.

What is SEO Consultation?

An SEO consultation does for a site with few visits and low percentages what a medical examination does for a patient: it is used to identify the causes of the problem and make a complete diagnosis, also developing a package of solutions to improve.

Anyone who has a business and wants to increase turnover needs to be present online and to try to improve performance, there is nothing better than SEO consultancy to be able to evaluate which points to work on.

The SEO consultancy can be really critical to analyze some key points of the site as:

  • text management. Short, unoriginal and poor-quality texts can help damage a site. An editorial plan is needed and an SEO consultant can help you set it up.
  • The wrong choice of keyword, for example, keys that are too common or on the contrary too rare.
  • Copywriting, a fundamental element in the management of the site and which too often is considered little.
  • The management of the site’s HTML codes ( on-site optimization ) should always be optimized in SEO.
  • The management of backlinks and in general of off-page SEO or link building.

Who is the SEO consultant?

The SEO consultant consists of a professional figure whose job is to evaluate what are the deficiencies on the SEO side of a site and to suggest all the points on which to work in order to improve positioning and increase visits, and consequently also the turnover.

There is no real school for SEO experts: this professional figure is in fact a unicum of talent, training, and experience that continues to keep up to date on news in SEO and Google to try to help its customers emerge from the web and to allow all businesses to make a quantum leap.

Performing an SEO consultation can be a real breath of oxygen for a page that is disappearing from the web and that no longer receives visits and searches.

Often at the root of the problem, there may be issues such as poor SEO optimization (or even an over-optimization ), a Google penalty for example due to a bad link building activity (if you want to do it well take a look here ), or other issues that still need to be addressed and resolved before it is too late.

So if you also believe that your business needs a leap forward, do not worry and immediately contact an SEO expert who can help you find the best solution to solve the problems of the portal.