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Backlinks, what they are like used in SEO

Do-Follow Links Vs. No-Follow

When we talk about optimizing a site for Google or for search engines in general, we refer to a complex of activities and techniques that allow us to rank among the first organic results on Google. To do this you need to know SEO techniques and be able to make the most of them.

The optimization of the site on search engines, therefore, consists in the ability to position oneself right among the first results, even if it is not an easy job.

What do you mean by Backlinks?

What we particularly want to talk about today is the so-called off-page SEO, that is to say, that complex of SEO techniques that are used ‘ outside ‘ the site to improve its positioning, in particular the backlinks.

One of the factors that Google takes more into consideration when it comes to indexing a site – and deciding on its position – is also the quantity and quality of links, or better of backlinks pointing to a particular portal.

The reasoning of the Google algorithm is quite simple: if the X portal receives a certain amount of external links, and they are links of authoritative and good quality portals, this must mean that the X portal is in turn very serious and authoritative for deserve many quotes on the web and therefore it is worth placing it higher in the SERP.

In short, backlinks can determine the value of a certain size, as long as they are serious, relevant and of good quality. The number and quality of the web pages that link to your site can, therefore, make a difference in determining their ranking.

What are the key factors of backlinks?

As you know, today it is not enough to have a few dozen backlinks to guarantee a good position on Google, on the contrary: the indiscriminate use of link building techniques in a fraudulent way can lead to a heavy penalty by the search engine algorithm.

What matters, however, is knowing how to earn (or buy) of high-quality backlinks and which generate final value for the user.

Here are the basic elements of an SEO backlink that is really valid according to Google.

  • The optimization of the anchor text, that is the word that contains the hyperlink.
  • The age of the links. The age of backlinks in SEO generally counts in the sense that backlinks that tend to last over time are characterized, according to Google’s algorithm, by greater seriousness and authoritativeness.
  • The authority of the page hosting the backlink. Don’t give in to the temptation to buy backlink packages on poor quality pages or spam. The site hosting the link must be of excellent quality and obviously deal with themes consistent with those that are also treated by you. Before choosing the site, check carefully.
  • Pay attention to the number of links. If the guest post that links to your site contains a large number of links, Google considers them to be less valuable than a page that has fewer links.
  • Relevance and consistency of the backlink. Of fundamental importance is that SEO backlinks are always relevant with respect to the subject matter. For example, Google will not look favorably on a guest post on your site that talks about football, where published on a site (also with high trust) that deals with gardening: the backlink will be considered pretext and worthless for the user.
  • Location of the link. The backlink should be placed if possible at the top of the text, to receive a better enhancement by the Google algorithm.