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What features of Onboarding Software Makes It A Perfect Tool For HRs?

features of Onboarding Software

Prima facie, every HR onboarding software may appear to be similar. With the intention of a proper onboarding process, all software collects confidential data files, securely archives them, and routes it through an authorization loop. What distinguishes them is a bevy of features that assist onboarding software in achieving its goal.

If you’re wondering how to choose the finest onboarding software, here are some features to check for:

features of Onboarding Software

Efficient and easy User Interface

If your new recruits have to spend a lot of time dealing with technical support or contacting HR merely to finish their onboarding application, then you should rethink upgrading your onboarding software.

The software’s user-friendliness is really not limited to its appearance. Even a best-in-class technology with an advanced and powerful interface may place significant strain on not only the Hr department but also on new hires. It is critical to grasp the significance of a user interface and select software that provides friendly usage, easy accessibility, and a visually pleasing layout.

Easy flow of information

During the onboarding process, it is critical to strengthen your relationships with your applicants and provide them with information about how your organization operates. This will allow them to relax as they prepare for their journey at your organization.

Your onboarding software should allow you to share any relevant documents, guidelines, or lectures that you anticipate candidates would go through either before their first day or maybe even after. It should also allow your candidates to provide personal information, papers, identity documents, letters, or anything else that is required without any hassle and at the correct time.

Automation of Workflow

The modern tech workforce is raised with a device from birth, and they will have the same lofty aspirations for their onboarding experience. Making your new workers trot around the office for the purpose of signing paperwork might make them think to reconsider as it would completely exhaust them.

So, By digitizing the onboarding process, HR professionals can track and oversee the process spanning departments. You must look for onboarding software where there is provision for seamless automation of workflow. Automated workflows eliminate redundant manual procedures, automatically transfer the application to the required person in the workflow, issue automated notifications to keep the management on track, and guarantee that every stage of the process is completed precisely and routinely.

Onboarding without paper

Overburdening your prospects with tedious documentation before or after they join your business might put them in a bind, especially if you anticipate them to work remotely or maybe because they have not yet relocated. The onboarding software you use should be equipped to cleanly manage all of the documents you’ll require from them and ease online document exchange for you as well as your workers.

It should be coupled with an e-signature program so that your recruits and their managers may e-sign documents instead of dealing with printed copies. This allows you to track the status of the documents without bothering to ping your applicants as frequently.


Without a doubt, onboarding is critical for your new hires. It conveys a sense of their whole tenure at your company. Therefore, how you arrange and administer the onboarding process may play an equally important part in connecting your new hires and getting them off to a good start with your firm.

With a strong onboarding software, you can provide a seamless first-day experience to company new hires and efficiently help them acclimatize to their role and thereby also making the onboarding process a lot easier for both the HR as well as the new recruit.