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Food eaten is somehow associated with the culture and traditions of a particular area. There are some states in the world where white and red, both types of meat do not eat. Seafood is one of the ever-demanded food in every restaurant—even people living in the nearby areas of the sea like to have them. When we talk about seafood malaysia, the main ingredient which comes to our mind is fish. Fish is the primary ingredient which adds meaning to the entire food. In this article, we will discuss FISH YOU SHOULD NEVER EAT.

About edible fishes

Fishes are part of our food for thousands of years. There are more than hundreds of fish types which are eaten around the world. But there are some of the fishes which one must avoid eating. Due to some unhealthy elements and affects in the meat of the fishes.

Types of fishes eaten mostly

There are more than thousands of fish farms around the world. Every year there produced different new types of fishes. Different kinds of fishes have different taste. There are some significant characteristics which make fish unique among others. There are some of the fishes which people love to eat. A list of all of them given below:

  • Tuna
  • Wild-caught salmon
  • Rainbow trout
  • Mackerel
  • Sardines
  • Cod
  • Herring
  • Pacific halibut
  • Crap
  • Chilean sea bass
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Red Snapper

Fishes one should never eat

the fishes are the best part of the food. There are multiple benefits associated with fishes. The necessary nutrient elements one gets from them. But there are a few fish kinds which everyone must avoid. Not everyone has much stamina to deal with the side effects of such fishes after eating. There are four fishes which one should ever eat given below with a brief description:

Chilean Sea Bass

It is one of the fish kinds which one should never eat. It avoided due to variety of reasons. Its meat is buttery makes its growth process slow. It is not easy to catch such fishes.  Now a well-managed and organized fishery named “MSC certified” used for catching them. This fish type doesn’t need even to taste but people, especially adults, can eat it only twice in a month. The children below 12 can only have it once in a month.

Orange Roughy

Another fish type named “OrangeRoughy” is a fish type which should not regularly. This fish has a long life, but the process of its reproduction is quite slower than others. According to research, the average age of the Orange roughy is 100 years. There may be a chance that the fish you eat can be older than your grandmother. The reason behind avoiding to eat this fish is the level of mercury which can cause EDF to issue health.


Salmon is a fish type which one should avoid to eat. It grows up in tightly packed areas—the salmon fed with fish meal. People give them antibiotics to fight against the diseases. There is a high level of PCB, which is enough to high EDF health advisory. Previously, Coho Salmon got the best choice status from seafood watch. The rate of Salmon consumption is increasing day by day, so, it seems that consumer will insist on more farms for fishes to adopt much better practices.


This fisht ype named “Monkfish” is a unique type of fish which looks similar to catfish. It has whiskers and has a fresh taste that’s why used in gourmets. Even after being depleted it recovered but its trawlers dragging make it hard and causes threaten to the habitats where does it live.

Side effects

Eating the fishes, as mentioned above, may cause severe damage to the user’s health. Some of the common side effects given below:

  • Methylmercury
  • Not the alpha for omega 3s
  • Maybe so trashy
  • Hooked on drugs
  • Can cause arteries
  • PCBs can cause cancer
  • Parasitic worms and flesh-eating bacteria
  • May affect the nervous system

Other than the side, as mentioned earlier effects, there are many other harm full effects which can cause severe diseases.


The essence of the above description is that one must avoid eating a few types of fish. There are different side effects which one has to face after eating such dangerous fish types.