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What are the Benefits of Studying Social Work?

Today, we live in a VUCA world – a place that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The changing economic conditions and low investment activities are leading to financial crises. Simultaneously, the global pandemic is putting a lot of pressure on healthcare institutes to accommodate patients. In these uncertain times, where industries are falling apart, choosing a career has become quite challenging for the upcoming generation.

More than lucrative prospects, they are looking for careers that can help them make this world a better place. If you believe in helping others and making a difference in their lives, a career in social work could be your calling. You will fight injustice and poverty while working on social policies with the governments to ensure equality. Above all, the contentment and satisfaction you will get from helping others are second to none.

If you are hesitant about this career choice, have a look below. Here are five benefits of studying social work.

1.   Teaches the True Real of Things

A degree in social work will let you explore some of the most distressing sides of humanity. Sometimes, you will come across children suffering from malnutrition. At the same time, some days, you will work with people fighting deadly diseases. Similarly, you will cater to at-risk populations, make their voice heard, and advocate for them. These experiences can be an excellent teacher. You will start to recognize things you always took for granted while understanding their real value. Besides helping others, social work could be an opportunity for self-reflection.

2.   Diverse Degree Specifications

Unlike conventional careers, social work degrees let you explore different specializations. You can work directly with communities such as for healthcare, child safety, education, etc. Otherwise, if you wish to treat people with substance abuse and addiction, opt for clinical social work. You can complete a master’s degree by the council on social work education. In case you have work obligations, opt for CSWE online MSW to learn the ropes. You can also make a difference on a large scale by collaborating with governments to create new policies and implement programs.

3.   Social Work is All People

In the field of social work, everyone matters. After all, people suffering from difficult circumstances deserve to live a happy life. Since they are vulnerable, social workers are willing to fight for them. From offering emotional support, overcoming mental illnesses, to helping them cope with the financial crisis, you can make a difference on multiple levels. Likewise, you can work towards creating better living conditions for people. It could be through awareness programs, education, or anything that can help people in need.

4.   The world needs Social Workers

With rising uncertainties, the world needs people who are willing to help each other out. As a result, social work has become the fastest-growing profession with incredible growth prospects. It gives worthwhile economic returns when government invests in social work. After all, social workers can reduce crime rates, improve health statistics, and overcome high unemployment. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment will grow by 13% in the next ten years. Sooner or later, every country will recognize the importance of social work in communities. 

5.   You will Become Problem Solver

Social work can challenge you like no other. You will always be on the go, helping people and finding solutions to their problems. Hence, you will have to apply theoretical studies and experience in creative ways. Although the ability to make a difference in others’ life is rewarding, it can also be emotionally draining. And this why social work requires a lot of emotional strength and intelligence. If you enjoy taking on challenges and changing work environments, hop onto this career.

Wrap Up

Undoubtedly, social work is a high-growth profession that puts people in a position to make a difference in others’ lives. Whether it is offering emotional support, fighting injustice, or becoming an advocate – social workers don’t miss out on any opportunity to help others. In addition to providing a sense of fulfillment, social workers enjoy lucrative returns and healthy job prospects.