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A Review of “The Weekly Comic” – An Awesome Asian Comic!

Th-Manga is short for “Thai Martial Arts.” They have a different format than conventional comic books, in that they are generally in a single panel and focus on one story or episode. However, unlike conventional vintage comic books, they are written in an easy-to-read, flowing format that flows from panel to panel. Most of them are written in Japanese.

Why Th-Manga?

Unlike western comic books, many of which are based on well-known characters, most Thai martial arts stories start out with a very short introduction and a character sketch (comical), showing the main hero or story’s journey. Each character is then given a color design, usually a logo for identification, and is given a unique name before moving on to a description of their skills and fighting abilities.

This allows the reader to see who is a favorite amongst the cast of characters and often provides a starting point for discussing themes and plots. Often the artist will indicate what sort of shape or form the martial arts practitioner is in, to help the reader understand their abilities better. Most of these comics are published in color, but some still choose to be published in black and white.

Th Manga Review

Like many martial arts-based comic books, Th-Manga is geared toward children and young adults. It uses cartoonish styles that are very easy to relate to. As such, it is appealing to a younger audience but is not as successful at capturing an adult audience. Another difference between this comic and a traditional comic is the level of violence used. Most martial arts-based comic books feature some degree of action, swordplay, or explosive moves.

Because of this, there is a lot of discussion within the comics about the ethics of using these techniques, as well as discussing their advantages and disadvantages of them. It’s easy to draw the conclusion that most practitioners do not adhere to the highest standards of training, as many of the characters have obvious martial arts backgrounds, and are able to perform impressive feats.


However, there are many more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to learning a fighting style, and all practitioners should be allowed to do whatever they want once they begin learning. Any disadvantage that may come from using them should always be carefully weighed against the advantages of being trained to use them.

The storyline in each of the comics is usually drawn in excellent detail, adding to the level of immersion that the reader feels. The storylines tell the story of a typical match, with each character represented by a picture.

They are drawn to look as realistic as possible, and often the fighting sequences are drawn in a similar style to their real-life counterpart. All martial arts comic books should have excellent artwork, but Th-Manga is especially drawn to be eye-catching.


In addition to the exceptional artwork in the comics, the storyline is also written exceptionally well. All martial arts stories should be written in a way where they are entertaining to follow. That means the author should put lots of thought into every single part of the story and make sure that he or she has successfully depicted it accurately in each panel. The artwork and storyline in Th-Manga are absolutely top-notch.

The layouts and frames in each panel are both drawn exceptionally well. The martial arts world has really come a long way since the time the manga was first drawn. Each panel is properly proportioned, and every single detail is properly implemented.

Each page is drawn at least once, to make sure that the art fits the image perfectly. The artists that create these types of comics are quite skilled, and they put lots of effort into making sure that all the panels are drawn correctly.


There are other types of martial arts-based comic books available as well. If you want to see another type of comic book that is written by an expert in the field, then there are also a lot of other comics available that feature martial artists from other martial arts.

There is a popular comic book called the weekly Comic devoted solely to this type of niche subject, as well as a few others. These comic books will surely satisfy any fan of martial arts and even those that simply like to see great action sequences on the page.