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5 Ways to Stay Safe from Air Pollution in Delhi NCR

Stay Safe from Air Pollution in Delhi NCR

The season is taking a gradual shift towards the summer months. You might be having an irritable mood or a sore throat and you might be feeling under the weather, but this can be related to air pollution as well. No matter what weather changes we experience in the form of seasons, the season of air pollution is something that remains consistent. 

The impact of air pollution seems to double up in the months of summer. The pollution from vehicles and industrial emissions rise, impacting health greatly.

Keep a check on the weather forecast 

Weather forecast is something that is relevant for the masses as well, it is not just limited to the weather forecast department. Keeping a tab on the weather can help and prepare better for the situations that may or may not arise due to weather fluctuations.

Stay Safe from Air Pollution in Delhi NCR

Checking on the AQI of your city helps you analyze your health and convenience according to the weather. It is suggested that before stepping out of your dwellings or house or office you check the AQI.

Keep up with your health routines 

Your health routine helps you not only fight ailments but also keep your body up and fit and strong against any harmful health impacts of the pollution around you. Daily exercise can make your body fight better. While you exercise it is also important to keep a few points in consideration that impact your health routine. It is important to pick up a time that suits your convenience but a time when the rush hour has a lower impact on your health.

More vehicles on the road mean more pollution, it is your place of exercise, jogging or any other physical exercise then choose it wisely. Also, make sure you are away from places of high pollution while you exercise, else the effects would be harmful rather than beneficial for your health.

Use Air Purifiers 

Using good quality air purifiers at home can be beneficial to your health. An air purifier helps trap dust much before it settles on surfaces, reducing dust build-up inside your home or office and leaving you with less pollution/ dust to clean. Air purifiers remove small airborne particles like pollen, mold spores, and other bacteria floating around in the air that causes your family to get sick.

Air purifiers fit anywhere and everywhere. The space constraint is not an issue you would consider while buying it. They come in a variety of sizes and have a variety of features that will keep the air healthy in any room of the house or office. 

Use Anti Pollution Mask 

The best anti-pollution mask is the one that filters out most of the particulate matter in the air and helps you breathe cleaner air. As the summer season approaches you might want to refrain from using the anti-pollution mask due to sweat or heat but it is advisable to keep weathering masks.

The anti-pollution mask will not only save you from dust and pollution it will also keep you safe from respiratory infections as well. The most cost-effective way to protect ourselves from air pollution and the ill effects of other respiratory infections is a dust protection mask. Wearing a mask in India has now become a necessity rather than a choice.

Check Air Quality and Your Comfort 

Checking on the air quality and how it makes you feel is very important. It is always good to check on the outside, the air pollution signs that are somewhat obvious or visible. But it is also advisable to understand how your own body reacts to the changes in air pollution levels.

Feelings of discomfort can vary from person to person since everyone reacts slightly differently. When the air is starting to make you feel bad, it is advised that you consult a doctor and be cautious about your own health.