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5 Best VOIP Phones Features That Can Benefit your Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP phones) alludes to the broad scope of innovations that utilizes the web to receive and make calls. 

With VoIP, you get a ground-breaking business device that merely costs a small amount of the stuff to introduce and keep up a call center. It’s additionally wholly packed with helpful features, like con calls, IVR, voice mails, etc. 

Every VOIP service providers provide a different set of features. Therefore, it is essential to pick a phone system with features that fulfill your business and your team’s needs. 

A wide range of companies today is doing the switch over to VoIP business telephones. There are various benefits of using VOIP phone systems. Apart from the features like conference calls, voice mails, call forwarding, call waiting, etc., the companies often overlooked many other features. 

Here we have shared several unique VOIP phone system features-

Best VOIP Phones Features That Can Benefit your Business

Call Screening

People often forget this beautiful feature of the VOIP phone system that comes in handy with every phone system. This feature enables you to check the number on the caller id, and then decide whether to receive the call or not and, if accepted, what and how to talk.

If there is a personal call on the system, you have the benefit to redirect it to your mobile phone, or If it is a promotional call from some service provider and you are not willing to take it, you can ignore or disconnect it any time. 

Auto-Attendant Feature

Auto-attendant is a beautiful and useful feature of the VOIP phone system. The auto-attendant helps answer and properly head the calls to the concerned person by routing them with courtesy. 

This feature is just like a virtual assistant where you don’t need a real person to attend the call; instead, the callers interact with the machine and choose to form the appropriate menu extension by following the instructions given by the virtual receptionist. 

This way, your small business can create a good impact on your customer. A virtual receptionist or auto-attendant can help you in-

  • Cost-saving
  • Impressing customers and keeping them happy and satisfied

3- Way Calling

This feature of VOIP phones enables you to add a third person to an already existing phone call.  You can merge the third call with the second call once you initiate calling. 3- way calling is straightforward to create and is designed to add the third person by using a few buttons easily. 

They are essential when the callers need to talk to a third party to get more information and details on their queries. 3- way calls efficiently works on desk phones, computers, and mobiles.

Benefits of 3- Way Calling

  • Saves time
  • Get Quick Answers
  • Call Recording
  • Secured

DND (Do not disturb)

Set the status of incoming calls to unavailable using this DND feature. These features leave you undisturbed by turning off the phone ringer and redirecting the caller to a busy line. 

This feature is handy during meetings, conferences, or any other important event. You can use this either to block someone permanently or to block temporarily. VOIP phone systems provide such a fantastic feature so that you can work peacefully. 

Some of the benefits of VOIP phones are-

  • Keeps Away Distractions
  • Send unnecessary calls to a voicemail

Voicemail to Email Transcription

This VOIP phone feature transcribes your voicemail messages as a text file and sends them to your preferred email address. Many times, it happens that you overlook the numbers, addresses, names, etc., while listening to the voicemail, so it’s good to have them in text format in your email, where you can check it any time. 

Benefits of Voice mail to email transcription

  • Increase Productivity
  • Easy to read and understand the text messages
  • Easily search voicemail transcripts in your email box
  • Reply quickly
  • Save Time
  • Be informed
  • Share messages

There are extensive benefits and features associated with using VOIP phone systems for small Businesses. Many small and large companies are moving towards VOIP phones and are getting the benefits of their amazing features. These phone features can help your company save a lot of money and increase efficiency.