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Voice to Text: Advantages of Using Transcription Program Digitally

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Application developers are always looking for a way to optimise our time by creating new applications that allow us to carry out our daily activities in an easier way. For this purpose the applications and programs to record the voice to text on Android and computers were designed, which allows us to send audio messages, record voice memos and many other activities.

Advantages of Using a Voice to Text Transcription Program Digitally

Thanks to these technological advances we currently have the option of dictating text through voice recognition in Windows and mobile phones. These are applications and programs dedicated to transforming our voice to text messages, emails or even documents with it on different devices. Since in addition to being able to use them on mobile phones, they are also effective on computers.

It has mobile applications, web pages, and very complete PC programs that work online or from the computer. For Android devices we can use or activate the Ok Google voice assistant. That offers the function of being able to send messages from text using voice dictation. As well as the microphone option on the Gboard virtual keyboard.

Speed in the Writing of Your Texts

As its name suggests, voice to text allows us to dictate what we want to write. In this way we save ourselves from having to mark each letter to capture our message. This method is undoubtedly one of the best if what we want is to save time and write a document quickly.

On the other hand, this type of writing has the disadvantage of not being too precise. For this reason, it has not yet managed to outperform ordinary keyboard writing.

Comfort When Performing your Digital Tasks

Since the writing is given by means of voice to text commands, the completion of digital tasks or duties becomes very fast and efficient. Using this type of transcription, we will only have to do the investigation of the topic and then dictate our analysis of the text to the microphone.

You will Hardly have Spelling Mistakes

Voice lines have the characteristic of having a database with all the words of the language. For this reason, if a word is recognized, it will always be written in the correct way.

The only way that this does not happen is that the dictation does not understand what word we pronounce and that it writes a different one. But usually you will never have spelling mistakes.

Top of the best programs to convert your voice to text

There are different options in terms of applications and programs to convert your voice to text online. In different operating systems and with different scope or additional tools. Among them are virtual assistants for mobile phones. In addition to helping you access different functions within the system and perform tasks. They are able to write short text messages that are dictated by voice.

Among these we have: Google Live Transcribe an application created recently. It allows to transcribe text, even if we have background noise. That makes it ideal for recording lectures, readings and even classes. The only condition is that it must have an Internet connection for its functionality. It downloaded from Google Play, and it does not have ads during its execution.

Speechnotes, is a fairly simple tool to use, it has additional functions that are of great help, such as being able to export the transcribed text to PDF format and being able to share it, we can also save the text either on the phone or in the SD memory, despite being free, it contains ads on its interface. ListenAll, this application allows you to edit the created text, change the font and size, and the background color.

Best Voice to Text Application

It also allows you to save the notes created as a document and export them to other applications, like Google Live Transcribe. This requires an Internet connection for its operation. It does not have ads during its execution, we can download it from the Play Store for free. Otter, is a very complete application for professional use used by many journalists, it has support for several languages.

It allows, in addition to voice transcription, to pass previously recorded audio notes to text, and many additional functions. This also has a web version, so it used on mobile computers and PCs. It has a free version that allows 600 minutes of transcription per month and a paid version. Voice Notepad, is a web page that allows you to transcribe texts through the use of voice dictation, it offers the commands to dictate punctuation marks.

The text can be saved, printed or tweeted. Gboard, is the virtual keyboard of Google, has the advantage of being able to use in any application of our mobile by accessing the microphone icon. Google Docs has a voice dictation function that used for short transcriptions, it works in several languages.

Also, you can find many other similar applications on the web and Apps Store such as TalkTyper, Transcriber, Watson.

Using online

TalkTyper is a website where we can dictate by voice to text, it is completely free and secure. Upon entering your web page, we can see how there are two large boxes where you can enter text. In these places will be where our dictated text will be written. This page is available for a large number of languages, including English. Simply to start using it we will have to click on the microphone icon and start talking.

The first time we try to use it, we will have to select the language at the top right, this usually comes in English. Then, pressing the microphone will ask us to accept that the microphone used. It noted that voice dictation only supports a few words at a time. When the box filled we will have to press the down arrow icon. With this we can continue dictating without problems.

In addition, we can accumulate large paragraphs and if we want we can print the document directly. It also allows the translation of the dictation and also share it by email.

Access Google docs

Google docs also allow you to write in this way, its operation is very simple and easy to use. We just have to open any doc document and go to the tools section. This is at the top, if we look at clicking on tools a menu will be displayed. In this we will have to search for voice dictation. When we do so, a microphone icon will appear on which we will have to click so that it begins to recognize our voice.

If it is the first time we do this process, the browser will ask us to accept the permissions to use the microphone. Google docs voice dictation is an excellent option if we want to transcribe long texts. This is due to the fact that it does not have a limit in terms of words and we can dictate large texts in a continuous way.

Enter the page

Speechlogger is a web page that is based on Google’s speech recognition system. It has the advantage of being able to choose how to put the punctuation marks in the text between automatic, dictation or manual in the text box. It also has the option to load audio files to transcribe them.

If you link it to your Google account, you can save the results in Google Drive or download them in Doc, Txt or Str format. That is the extension to place the subtitles in video files.

How can I activate Word dictation on my PC?

Activating dictation in Word is extremely simple, it is necessary that you have a modern version. If you have this, you will only have to open a new document and then look in the options bar. From this you can see some sections such as ‘home’, ‘insert’ and page layout among others.

You will have to click on start and go to the right side where it says ‘voice’ and the icon of a microphone appears. By clicking here you can start dictating what you need in the document, logically you will have to connect a microphone for it to work.